How he shows his love

Its funny but the words I have been saying are coming to pass, to show the evidence of just how much I love him, as he loves me.

Many times, I have seen people love all the nice stuff in the world, yes looks pretty BUT really can you take it with you. And when it comes down to it, will it stop you from your destination.

I was recently looking around, and nothing holds a candle to the love of my father.

I have a picture printed and stuck on my linen press door, its central in my home and I go past, kiss my fingers and slap it on him, I say with all I have, “I love ya, Lord with all I have and all I am”.

When it comes to the crunch like it is now, really nothing will protect you. NOTHING, but he will cover you with his wings.

I saw Madonna rambling in a bath of all places, she said and I loved this one statement, “It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care if your rich, young or old, nothing will protect you”.

How true, when times like these come, you know WHO is in CHARGE. And I love it, reality check time people.



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