Never give up believing.

One thing I never did was give up, give up believing what could be done for me.

I knew, if I just waited, waited for the right time and season. He would not forget me, I was never on that shelf, I was not worthless, I was worthy.

What I had to do, was TRUST…

What I know more than the words in the bible, is him, his love and concern for me.

He knows, that each stumble, I will get back up and try harder.

He knows, when I love, I love the beauty within, the true beauty. When I give myself and surrender, I do in it all in, boots and all.

When I say I am his, I AM… For he knew me, he had a plan for me and because of that love between us. I will make it to the finish line.

For I am the daughter of the only KING, I have Jesus, Father God and the Holy Spirit in me. I win, what do I win, my life back..

So if someone reads this and feels like a cat curled up in the corner, remember your the winner, in the middle of the fight, because Jesus shed his blood for you. Regards of what surrounds you, the devil is a liar, so stand up and be counted as one of Gods children and reach for the stars.

They are touchable, trust…..


Its like starting from the right line

My life before was so ugly and just deeply disturbing.

Now, I feel like it was someone else’s life, I cannot make anyone understand the change within.

But what I know today is, its like being born again, starting on the correct line. What is great about it, I have knowledge, I have experience and I have a determination that will win my father’s race.

I have filled bags of cloths, I cannot face them, they are not going back on this body. I look at things with such different eyes. And I am so overjoyed, today I was chatting to someone I use to work with and I burst into tears.

You see, many years ago, I was prophesied over and told at the time, my life was not supposed to be like this, but Jesus is going to give you the key to unlock the door.

The door to your life, the one he has especially for you. This I forgot, on Aug 13 when condemnation was removed and that door shattered, it was the key, I was promised.

How absolutely touching and special, now I want all that was spoken over me, I am so determined and strong. I am brilliant, and loved by my father.

I am going to do what he requires of my path in this life, so when I said ages ago, that my name will be written in the pages of history, I now see why.

Yahoo, let’s go, I am ready and willing, because I trust him with all I have and all I am.

My joy is to know and to feel, that he really LOVES ME…