How was the holiday for you???

I have to laugh now, but over the break I have been in contact with the local Police 3 times.

Yes I was a good girl, its seems that others around where I live are not so good.

Gun shots, broken windows and arguments.

What did I do, gave them all the information I had to give. I have nothing to fear, I grew up around fear and fear will not control me.

I know this has been tried this year, I could feel it in my waters and I knew. I laugh because, they do not know who lives in my house.

My father will not fail me, I trust him with my life. The devil will not scare me, I have not only law on my side but his law.

And as I always said, I will not go quietly. I am not stupid in any way, I just stand up for my rights to live the life he has given me to live and to be able to step on snakes and scorpions.

So take that devil, yeehaa



Leading the nation…

I know that everyone has a comment about something, even me at times but I wonder. What would you do if you had to make the tough decisions?

From working in a business that did advocacy, there are limitations and rules that you have to follow in order to get to the next step. We are all so quick to judge, but think about it. Could we do a better job? Could you do a job that can never make everyone happy, a job that you know the budget or expenses etc.

Things like keeping it sweet with other countries because we may need to either import, export or borrow money to keep the cash flow going. Can we stand up for a decision that will have a whole country behind me, but may make another war or battle?

You may never do it all right, but so many forget that we are just human. Don’t you make a mistake? Sometimes a leader is the one who needs us more than we need them. We are happy until we get a bee in the bonnet about something.

It pays to think about it, doesn’t it. How much expense out of this budget can be used to find another plane in the ocean. Shouldnt it be the airlines problem, but with our support. (This is often said)

Think of the really hard decisions, think of how we hate our wallets touched, but really do we understand why. Or does it all have to fall, for us to realize the reasoning behind it all.

I wouldn’t like to be a leader of a church let alone a nation, it’s a huge responsibility. You leave yourself open for the devil who is always waiting, to not only strike you but everyone that is under you. Support those you believe and trust in, my Pastor is the exception to the rule, he is fabulous and is always aware that his master is that of creation and what the lord giveth he can also take away. We are in many ways on all the same level, sometimes those in positions can forget this, but eventually the pedestal breaks and they fall off.

Yes sometimes, we need our voices heard, but like many things it’s often the way you do it. Not the decision you’ve made….

Lord give me strength…

Sometimes I may appear to have strength and other times I do not.

Having felt like the good year blimp, as I have said before, men never really saw me.

Lately I have had doors opened for me, they seem to be going out of their way to start-up a conversation. Its funny I have looked at them as if to question, why are you talking to me? Then the light bulb has gone on and I go Oh ok, it’s really weird, I freaked out the other day (In my head). Had to go look myself to see what others are seeing.

I keep thinking that I am his daughter and the right man he has already planned, just be nice but not overly friendly or flirtatious. It’s really hard, because before, I didn’t feel like a woman or feel comfortable in my own skin. Its weird even last night in bed I felt my side and realized my two rolls have gone.

Its like knowing the person you have been all along inside and the outside is finally coming into line. It’s like being reborn and lucky enough I am still young, but one of my personal wishes is to feel pretty. Yes its fine people tell me than when I put on makeup I am really attractive, but there is a difference to being told and feeling it.

Oh lord give me strength, I am struggling with this I will not lie. But I know what is coming so I am surrendering to the process.

Be blessed

What is so wrong with the simple things?

This is something that has been on my mind lately, I love the simple things.

Drying herbs over the summer to fill up the jars instead of spending money where it’s not required. Making pickles, growing veggies, reusing something and not just throwing away because its convenient.

I think all the time at the money I save on a daily basis, he says “that how can I entrust in you the kingdom if you are not a good steward”. And remember the part about not throwing pearls before swine’s.

It pays to think about this, yes when I was younger I wanted it all and on my terms. But lately I want to stick to the basics, even in cooking. Yes its lovely to have a nice meal, but sometimes things are just beyond sensible.

I can make a meal to feed four, for under 10 dollars with left overs, today everything is so convenient we are set up to spend more than is required to do. Buy a coffee and cake money down the drain, come around I will make you one and fresh scones or cakes for free.

My question is have we been programmed to think a certain way that we forgot the basics? I have been asked several times but if you had a million you would wouldn’t you? My answer is NO… I want to keep it simple, my joy is sharing my crop giving to others and sharing my time. We are taught to buy dishwashers, every appliance under the sun. But are you happy, I am so happy I feel delirious some times.

I could have married a very rich person, he thought more of me because his money couldn’t buy me. Respect is something you have to earn and is a simple thing, just like loyalty.

I am having a moment of reflection.

Are you really ready??

It’s a question to ask yourself, am I ready for what is about to happen?

I believe this year is going to be extra ordinary in my life, a pivotal moment that will direct the rest of my days.

We can get set on just going along at a steady pace but then some things can transform us and yes I believe that it’s about to happen to me.

I was speaking to someone and I have to say a lot of us are listening but do not open up to let change happen.

If you’re not willing then he cannot use you, even if I don’t really feel ready or want something to happen, I at least surrender to the Lord’s will.

You must do this to be able to take the next step, I know of people who are still going along but its on their terms.

Do we really think that this is right, if so (are you nuts) remember this is my point of view here. So many think they know best but really are you so right, that you can never be wrong.

It pays to think about things, I always think about things happening either with me or around me and I know I have to change and look outside of the picture because so many can just react, wisdom comes with time.