What is so wrong with the simple things?

This is something that has been on my mind lately, I love the simple things.

Drying herbs over the summer to fill up the jars instead of spending money where it’s not required. Making pickles, growing veggies, reusing something and not just throwing away because its convenient.

I think all the time at the money I save on a daily basis, he says “that how can I entrust in you the kingdom if you are not a good steward”. And remember the part about not throwing pearls before swine’s.

It pays to think about this, yes when I was younger I wanted it all and on my terms. But lately I want to stick to the basics, even in cooking. Yes its lovely to have a nice meal, but sometimes things are just beyond sensible.

I can make a meal to feed four, for under 10 dollars with left overs, today everything is so convenient we are set up to spend more than is required to do. Buy a coffee and cake money down the drain, come around I will make you one and fresh scones or cakes for free.

My question is have we been programmed to think a certain way that we forgot the basics? I have been asked several times but if you had a million you would wouldn’t you? My answer is NO… I want to keep it simple, my joy is sharing my crop giving to others and sharing my time. We are taught to buy dishwashers, every appliance under the sun. But are you happy, I am so happy I feel delirious some times.

I could have married a very rich person, he thought more of me because his money couldn’t buy me. Respect is something you have to earn and is a simple thing, just like loyalty.

I am having a moment of reflection.


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