Are you really ready??

It’s a question to ask yourself, am I ready for what is about to happen?

I believe this year is going to be extra ordinary in my life, a pivotal moment that will direct the rest of my days.

We can get set on just going along at a steady pace but then some things can transform us and yes I believe that it’s about to happen to me.

I was speaking to someone and I have to say a lot of us are listening but do not open up to let change happen.

If you’re not willing then he cannot use you, even if I don’t really feel ready or want something to happen, I at least surrender to the Lord’s will.

You must do this to be able to take the next step, I know of people who are still going along but its on their terms.

Do we really think that this is right, if so (are you nuts) remember this is my point of view here. So many think they know best but really are you so right, that you can never be wrong.

It pays to think about things, I always think about things happening either with me or around me and I know I have to change and look outside of the picture because so many can just react, wisdom comes with time.



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