I have been believing, now I am receiving

The lord showed me many years ago, being smaller size, even the top half. (Trying to be lady like here)

I have held onto that vision knowing that in the right time and season he would provide.

Well, YAHOOOOO it’s here. I will soon loose 20 – 30kg and the girls as I call them will no longer hurt my back or be a continent of two.

The doctor has seen the light and they are going, CHANGE is here and I am taking it with both hands.



May gracious love be yours

Sometimes you may read what I have written and not get it.

But I pray that gracious love, fills you to over flowing.

That the eyes of your understanding and the veil over your ears be lifted in Jesus name.

That the life he has for you is the one your strive for more than any other.

So be filled in the name of Jesus with his love this day.

Be blessed.

Trust him in everything you do

Something I can totally say is the truth is, you can trust him.

You may not like some of the things he has for you, but he has your blue print in front of him.

He knows what will happen and has everything set out, for you.

All you need to do is trust him, to direct your path.

He is so beautiful in so many ways and I don’t think we give him enough credit.

So Lord, you are the most awesome thing I know, you are better than anything I have known before.

You are the air I breath and for that I am so grateful.

May someone know your heart, as I long to know you more.

May the tears I shed writing this in appreciation of everything you do touch others.

Open their hearts Lord, open the eyes of their heart. Let them see you.

Feeling the truth

Sometimes I feel like I am overwhelmed, this is when mainly, I have a breakthrough.

But feeling the environment around me is the key.

Do you really feel the truth? Do you just skim the surface? Or does it hit the mark.

Something that struck me the other day, the world is becoming a place where the true feeling is being missed.

I want to feel everything there is on gods green earth. I want to live and feel it all, to laugh, to cry and to love.

Until you open your heart wide enough and take a real look, you then can only feel the truth.

Were you watching the news yesterday

I was watching the news flash about Schapelle, what bothered me is how many cameras there were.

Yes she is either innocent or not. But let her out spend time alone, and try to feel her freedom.

Sometimes freedom is viewed in different ways. But I hope she is on her way home soon.

I saw the media scrum yesterday as another kind of prison. Yes some may be curious as to what she may have to say, but really do we need to know the dirty details.

What gets me is I was sitting in a waiting room, (never buy gossip mags anymore) I picked up a magazine and felt the disgusted on what was printed.

Really, if you talk to a guy you’re having sex or in a relationship. If I watch a movie, then its the story, not the person playing the part.

The world puts them on a pedestal and wonders why they fall off. Really….

What is happening today

Today, I am sitting in class waiting for it to start. Yes I arrived early, which is always a bonus.

I challenge you to even if others around you are swearing or cracking it, to change the atmosphere.

Change the environment around you, be that nice and appear happy that it rubs off on them.

See what happens, I know at least your day will be brighter that the rest.


He never wastes time

With what I have been going through, one thing that has stuck in my mind is.

He never wastes time, if he didn’t think I was worth it he wouldn’t spend time on me.

But as he says in his word he only corrects those he loves.

So I am loved, and being built on.

Time is only wasted if you don’t get anything out of it, that’s my view anyway.


Lord have I been moulded

Something that has been going on in me.

The lord has had me in a mortar and pestle, I feel like I have been squished right down to extract all the best out of me.

I have had a lot of internal things that have been, highlighted, tested and brought to the light for change.

But I keep thinking of a potters wheel, you have to ready the wheel, throw the clay onto it.

Then you have to push it up and squish it down to centre it, that is what has been happening in me.

I did really feel like giving up as I am only human but really, there is no where to run. So I decided to stand and just go through it till the end.

Next, everyday is a new day and you just never know what is next.

Be blessed, and remember I am not exempt from anything but if sharing helps then I am glad to do it.