This will make you laugh, hopefully

A friend dropped by last night and we watched some of Bondi Vet.

They were trying to catch a Tassie Devil. Grabbing it by the tail, success.

Then as they always do, they make that horrible noise.

I joked to my friend who knows just how transformed I am. From the old me, who died at my baptism.

I use to get told I reminded people of a Tassie Devil because they would speak to me and I would growl back.

LOL, how time and the love from my father has changed me.



Any step forward can turn out right

Think about it, most people will  stay just as they have been conditioned to do or live.

Some go to the extreme and jump out of a jolly perfect plane LOL.

Some just muddle along and some learn from experiences and then have an experience with the Lord that changes them forever.

That me, I was changed a long time ago. Finally I am silencing everyone elses voices and listening to his. All I can say is it’s about time.

I have taken steps, choices that have been so very wrong. But now I know, at least I took the step forward and what I have learned will work for my fathers good.

Nothing and no one can stop this ship I am in, my father has a plan and I am willing to find out the next corse.

Just trust him and if that has been broken. Ask for his help, he helped me and now I feel peace and love. With a knowing that whatever is next I couldn’t have planned my life any better.

May the presence of God give you dreams tonight and fill your heart.

Finally the answer I have been looking for…

I have felt kind of stuck, on my journey with the Lord.

Yes most of it was all me, not stepping forward into what he has for me. Delaying the inevitable if you like.

But today, I heard someone say, “Commit your life to Jesus” consecrate it. Give him everything you have and trust the process.

I heard about a brilliant woman who story can touch your heart even today, Maria Woodworth-Etter who gave her life and her children to God knowing that his power would see her through.

In some ways I want to be like that, no fear, no worry or pause. Just working towards everything he has for me to do.

Tonight in the prayer meeting I said, “Father I consecrate my life to you” I am his and so are my children (whether they think so or not).

I am my father’s daughter, my testimony that someone reminded me of is awesome. Even today as I sit here, the path I have been on can not be stopped and I do not want to get out of the boat.

God bless, much love xxx

I have never been a lazy person

Sometimes we have jobs and winge and wine until we dont have it anymore.

I have worked in on a tobacco farm, as a young girl my mother was allergic to the leaves. So I stepped in, we needed the money. The deal was to pay her but I did what they wanted her too do.

My next job was in a roadhouse, I waitressed, cooked, managed, sold petrol and started to learn the books. Loved that job because of the people I was able to meet.

I worked in a office, after school bad boss. That is the end of that conversation.

Another I worked in a bakery, that opened my eyes. Never really been one who likes cakes or buns, love to cook but not to eat.

This one was a shocker, I helped on a dairy farm, yuk. I know how young a calf goes for veal (dont eat that), having a cow poo on you is gross. Rotary dairy all backsides pointing in and no where to go.

Next I have worked in a factory that made windcheaters and t-shirts.

One weekend I even cleaned toilets at a raceway to earn extra money, but did it with pride.

Then I had my babies, so I helped out at school, became parents club treasurer, lost property,banking lady, fete organiser, school uniforms, library and office when required.You name it I had a go, yes and they paid me once they new what I could do.

Moved to another town, worked in a newsagency, then office administration and PA work.

The point I am trying to get too, is in every job I have put everything into it. I have enjoyed what I did when I did it. Any challenge was one to overcome, it was never about the title or whether I was the boss or not.

It was finding the JOY, yes I had times I winged. Sometimes you can have managers that should never manage to begin with, but are never wrong.

I love being an indian as some would say, I don’t care what I do next. I don’t care what certificates I have, yes you have to have them to get a job sometimes.

But I am not a lazy person, sometimes you are judged for what you do or don’t do. But working in the city and seeing the high stress of an office, the man out the front delivering the coke a cola looked so much happier.

Find your spot, ask the Lord for the answer. You may be surprised, but what I know, don’t let anyone pigeon-hole you.

It’s not their life, ITS YOURS…


My father is very considerate towards me

I have been in a struggle with myself. Sometimes it can because of me, that I am in that moment.

But I can feel my father, he loves me and is very considerate. He is patient and kind, slow to anger and forgives me my sins.

Think of that with someone with whom you love, can you honestly say they do that.

I love the fact that I have something so very precious, that no one can steal from me.

I have been provided for in many ways and for that I am sincerely grateful.

The Lord loves me completely, its was me who placed his love on hold in my life.

So its ME, who can fix that and let him in to have full rein.

All I can say is, it’s easier to let go and let flow, than to fight to hold onto something that is not working for me.

I use to love to buy nice china or kitchen ware. Now I know I put Mammon (money before him) so money left the building. I do not want a high paying job, I want my dad again.

The simple way, just him and me. A relationship that makes me the person that was destined to be. Not the person others pressured me to be.

Sometimes family can seem to support you, but really they set you up for failure. Yes they maybe they are trying to do there best, but, I have a destiny that the Lord has for ME.

If I work cleaning toilets (which I have done in the past), that is as good as the person who is CEO. It’s up to you how you view it. It has nothing to do with the money or title. Its your view, how through the fathers eyes you see and appreciate where you are.

Remember no amount of millions can make you happy. You have to know where that quiet place of content happiness is for you. Not through others eyes or words…


I realize, I am a simple girl.

I look around myself and see others, people I am related too. Who are very high maintenance.

I realize, I am a simple girl. I love the basics, a home that welcomes you. A clean neat garden, veggie patch & home.

I can sew when pushed, cook a huge amount of food with little effort. I was brought up being shown, if you want to show love without words, you feed them.

Last night I was doing a facial on someone, but I love doing feet. So off I went, as they sat and cooked under the mask. I washed, scrubbed and massaged their feet. They even went to sleep, which I thought was really cute.

Again, simple thing that really gave me more joy than them, I think.

I love someone who can say sorry, who says happy birthday, even if I forget. I love to admire the things my father created and having an artist eye, I am able to see the many shades looking out at the landscape.

I watch the birds in my backyard and marvel how every day they find enough to eat, how they feel comfortable and have chosen my back yard to have their babies and live. Bonus is they clean up the bugs that my cat doesn’t eat.

I have watched many season’s come and go in my little yard in the time I have been here. It is always exciting when the daffodils start to appear a sign that warmth is coming again.

I know sometimes we get so wound up we forget to just keep it simple. My son has taught me to not think of the many things, but keep it simple and your eye on the task at hand. As a woman, I have already done the task, found faults and come back to the start before others have even got what the project is.

Keep It simple, life is amazing every breath you take. You just have to see it through different eyes.

Be blessed

My heart longs for those to change

Sometimes people cannot stand the heat, the pressure gets too great and they walk away.

What I know from my own journey is, things will  only change when you do.

Sounds too simple right. But its true, this past year the Lord has had to bring me back to basics.

Some people have a love of money or a top job. Me, I am a simple girl. I just want to have a job that will cover the bills and leave time for the Lord. To be placed in a position that, he needs me to be. Where he can use me, if required.

I know if you’re trying to follow money, it will be cut off. He wants to be first in your life, he is checking to make sure he is.

He knows with me, it’s not the money or the best things. That is not important, I know I have a job to do, a destiny my father had planned before I was in my mother’s womb.

I have wanted sometimes to run and hide because it’s all felt a little too much. I am human and I am not going to hide the fact that I too have felt I need to breathe.

But what I have learnt is this is a trick of the devil, to say I am not worth it. But guess what I am and much more.

So be blessed today and go and find joy.

Sometimes I can get a little over board

Sometimes the passion for my father can get a little too much.

When you’re not ready for the information, this I know because when I first gave my heart to the Lord. I was overwhelmed, inside myself I felt like I was on some ride that was going not just fast, but supersonic.

I know that I cannot put within you what is in me, so the journey is yours only.

Something someone said is, your walk with Christ is just that YOURS, you are responsible for what stage you’re at.

You can only change when you give in and are ready for the next step.

It isn’t easy the walk I have chosen to take, but its the road I want to be on. My goal even when I feel tired and overwhelmed or it’s just too much, is standing before my father.

I am his daughter and in that I have peace and comfort.

My apologies for any upset, much blessings.

We will live in a beautiful place

When the time comes, we will end up living on the earth with the Lord.

It will be wonderful, bountiful and lush.

But first the bad, read the bible for he tells you. Use the reference, on blood moon, read revelation.

Keep your eye on our wonderful father, for he is all we need.

Yes I am scared because I think of my children, but they will have a chance. I trust my father, the choice they make is up to them.

Fear not for your father  who sits at the right hand of God is coming. To save his people, who knew you before you were a babe in your mother’s womb.


4 Blood Moons, what this means for us

A sign of the day the Lord will return is coming. Watch John Hagee on you tube, if this doesn’t scare the life out of you nothing will.

NASA has confirmed the dates of the 4 blood moons this will also include an eclipse, I have spoken to a friend who is Jewish the dates are confirmed.

Passover         15/4/2014 full moon that will be shown the night of the 14th

Sukkot              8/10/2014 full moon that will be shown the night of the 7th

Adar 29-Nisan1     20/3/2015 eclipse which is a new moon

Passover         4/4/2015 full moon that will be shown the night of the 3rd

Sukkot              28/9/2015 full moon that will be shown the night of the 27th

Joel 2 V1-11

1 Blow the trumpet in Zion. And sound the alarm in My holy mountain! Let all  the inhabitants of the land tremble; For the day of the Lord is coming. For it is at hand.

2 A day of darkness and gloominess, A day of clouds and thick darkness, Like the morning clouds spread over the mountains. And people come, great and strong, The like of whom has never been; nor will there ever be any such after them. Even for many successive generations.

3 A fire devours before them, And behind them a flame burns; The land is like the Garden of Eden before them, And behind them is desolate wilderness. Surely nothing shall escape them.

4 Their appearance is like the appearance of horses; And like the swift steed, so they run,

5 With a noise like chariots. Over mountaintops they leap. Like the noise of  a flaming fire that devours the stubble. Like a strong people set in battle array.

6 Before them the people writhe in pain. All faces are drained of colour.

7 They run like mighty men. They climb the wall like men of war. Every one marches in formation. And they do not break ranks

8 They do not push one another. Every one marches in his own column. Though they lunge between the weapons. They are not cut down.

9 They run to and fro in the city, They run on the wall; They climb into the houses, They enter at the windows like a thief.

10 The earth quakes before them, The heavens tremble; The sun and moon grow dark, And the stars diminish their brightness.

11 The Lord gives voice before his army, For his camp is very great. For strong is the ONE who executes His word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible; Who can endure it?

This means we are about to experience great and terrible things, somewhat like what Hitler did.

The Lord is coming to save his people, but so is the devil, he is about to play games and manifest on earth.