My father is very considerate towards me

I have been in a struggle with myself. Sometimes it can because of me, that I am in that moment.

But I can feel my father, he loves me and is very considerate. He is patient and kind, slow to anger and forgives me my sins.

Think of that with someone with whom you love, can you honestly say they do that.

I love the fact that I have something so very precious, that no one can steal from me.

I have been provided for in many ways and for that I am sincerely grateful.

The Lord loves me completely, its was me who placed his love on hold in my life.

So its ME, who can fix that and let him in to have full rein.

All I can say is, it’s easier to let go and let flow, than to fight to hold onto something that is not working for me.

I use to love to buy nice china or kitchen ware. Now I know I put Mammon (money before him) so money left the building. I do not want a high paying job, I want my dad again.

The simple way, just him and me. A relationship that makes me the person that was destined to be. Not the person others pressured me to be.

Sometimes family can seem to support you, but really they set you up for failure. Yes they maybe they are trying to do there best, but, I have a destiny that the Lord has for ME.

If I work cleaning toilets (which I have done in the past), that is as good as the person who is CEO. It’s up to you how you view it. It has nothing to do with the money or title. Its your view, how through the fathers eyes you see and appreciate where you are.

Remember no amount of millions can make you happy. You have to know where that quiet place of content happiness is for you. Not through others eyes or words…



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