I am learning grace…

One thing I am learning over these past months, is GRACE.

A simple word but how powerful. Sometimes you have to just realize, you are not always right, no your not always saying or doing the right things. But have grace towards the person or situation needs to be found.

You can either continue and you can draw out the lesson, the father is trying to teach you. Or change, get over yourself ask for assistance and find grace.

I was helping out a friend the other day and this is one thing that I know the lord is trying to teach me. I said to her, “We can either get over it quickly, or draw it out” it ultimately up to us.

As an adult its hard because, we feel like we have the wisdom already. One thing I know, you never stop learning or growing when you make the decision to follow him.

I will have to update you more later, just wanted to share this.


Finished part 1 online to go

Completed what needed to be done this week, online to go.

But wow, I have had everything come against me so I would either fail or give in.

The devil is so stupid, not me, I have pushed through so many things since the start of March this year but I know everything works together for my good.

And remember God love never fails never gives up and never runs out on me.

So devil you idiot, I will go on to do this and so much more, I am the daughter of the King. I am filled with the spirit of Jesus so take that.

All I can say is when you’re in labour you cannot give up, you gotta push with everything and more. That is exactly what I have been doing, victory is mine.

I AM GOING TO TAKE IT ALL. Yahoo be blessed

I am at the finale, not mine lol

In the world I have been working for a year on two certificates.

One is Certificate 4 Business Administration and another in Frontline management, what a challenge this has been.

So this is my reason for being quiet again, sorry to all but I am in the final 2 weeks, so yeehaa when that happens.

I have a lot to tell you to inspire you, I think anyway so bear with me.

Be blessed and remember he is with you and you have to go through the fire to get the glory.

I could write for days with what has been happening so look out when I am back on deck. 🙂