I am learning grace…

One thing I am learning over these past months, is GRACE.

A simple word but how powerful. Sometimes you have to just realize, you are not always right, no your not always saying or doing the right things. But have grace towards the person or situation needs to be found.

You can either continue and you can draw out the lesson, the father is trying to teach you. Or change, get over yourself ask for assistance and find grace.

I was helping out a friend the other day and this is one thing that I know the lord is trying to teach me. I said to her, “We can either get over it quickly, or draw it out” it ultimately up to us.

As an adult its hard because, we feel like we have the wisdom already. One thing I know, you never stop learning or growing when you make the decision to follow him.

I will have to update you more later, just wanted to share this.


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