I feel free, at last

I am sitting here, trying so hard to work. And listening to the Mercy me, Flawless.

And I feel like dancing with my arms stretched out wide.

I just realised, I FEEL FREE at last. The chains have been broken, at last.

RESTORATION is mine and I am taking it all, yahooooo.

Dance with me…


Activating the prayer team

Sometimes I am asked to pray about certain things, knowing what I do, it always fills me with great joy, because I know he listens.

Remember as it says in the word, if two or more pray together he has to act on it. He must go forth and put the action in to make the outcome stick.

It is always him and never me, but knowing that he has called me, to pray and agree together with others is very special.

I feel him with me and he is making sure his voice is heard on the earth, others who have blocked ears and a veil over there eyes is why. Let them hear lord, to agree that the law that is written is the one to live by.

Activation, doing something rather than sitting back is awesome to be part of.

What a blessing today is…

Why, you ask.

Oh, I love the Lord, because when I visited my cousin, I said, “If I had of known then, I feel like telling the younger me it will be OK”.

I ordered Mercy Me CD, Welcome to the New, now this wouldn’t seem like anything big, but when you listen to Dear Younger Me. I cried, I needed that so badly, I have felt like the younger me needed to be told, its not your fault, what was done to you.

You WILL come to a place that shows the world. Its not wishful thinking, its just how it is, which is a part of another song and its so true, I feel a gift has been given, restoration IS taking place in my life and I am so humbled, so grateful and so touched by the father.

I believe the more I give him the glory, he will give back.

That it the key, that’s what you have to do, I know his word is in black and white but sometimes you have to have a light bulb moment and I just had one.

I sit here like I have just won the lotto, OMG father thank you so much. I love you so much thank you for caring and making me know I am worthy of your LOVE.

Waterworks out of control, see what he can do for you. Just let him, that’s all you have to do, let go, trust him…please, he loves you so much.

The father made a way

Yesterday, I was able to visit my cousin. I knew that they might resist prayer. But I believe that you and I moved a mountain of blockage, for our faith in his word.

I talked for a while, then I boldly said, Daryl would you like me to pray for you? “Yes”, I checked with his wife to make sure that she agreed it was OK.

Something I know is both have to agree, if one blocks, it doesn’t work.

As I prayed and asked for mercy and the familiar spirit to be removed, I felt power poring from me to him. That I knew was the father, entering, as I said in prayer, “I believe enough for the both of us.”

Father, please heal Daryl, he has had all the wrong in life, (family trait) and deserves restoration. So father, restore him let his lungs be healed and to breath.

Cancer spirit, I remove you in Jesus name, because the word says, I have all power and authority just like Jesus.

I believe this family will have an encounter, because of the love I have. And, its gonna be awesome.

Hallelujah and Amen… Oh, I feel a change coming, Happy days ahead. I give the father all the glory, he made me for his purpose. Its never anything about me, its all about YOU.

Glory be to you father

LETS SHOUT A HALLELUJAH and AMEN together, sitting here its 9.17pm.

Lets agree that 10am AEDST my time tomorrow morning we all shout this out, where ever you are.

We need to glorify the Lord big time, its time to raise the roof, if shouting doesn’t do it, txt all those you know.

Shout out The Lord Jesus is alive, he is NOT dead, Hallelujah and AMEN.

I believe, us together can cause an earthquake in the heaven’s. That will be felt by his people across the earth.

Come on we have the power, lets do it…..how much do you want to shout his name, to thank him for what he has done in your life.

I was buckling under pressure

It got really hard there for a while, as to why I go quiet.

My father I knew would do something, I needed to trust. I am not giving him any power telling you what went on.

Sometimes I feel I need someone to help me out, prop me up if you will. But knowing how my dad works, it came down to me.

So on the day, I had, had enough, he came through. My sin and problems have been judged, I am a new creation in Christ and couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Holy Spirit does great work, thank you JESUS, thank you HOLY SPIRIT, thank you ANGELS.


Isn’t the father fabulous

He kept nudging me to try and find contact details for my cousin.

Today I found him, he has lung cancer plus other things. I was so excited because the father would not have put this in front of me, if he did not have a plan.

I use to be the quiet one, yes I know it sounds like a shock, but its true. In the family situation I was always shut down (what would I know about anything, please), now I know who I am in my fathers eyes and by God I am going to make sure I am heard. Loud and clear, no confusion.

Many years ago someone who I thought loved me, tried to destroy me. In the light of things I knew who was behind it. I have a feeling he had a part to play, if so I need to know and tell him he is forgiven. Someone thinks they have too much power, but they don’t have any.

I shall not be stopped, I shall not be quiet, for my father needs to speak and he will.

My cousin made decision that gave him, freedom even with his marriage. But he now pays with his life on the line, people don’t realise the end is not the end. The line that has been cut off from me is with him, his mother and mine were sisters. Cancer has ravaged the line, but it stops if I have anything to do with it.

The cross is my rock, the word is my breath and the pearl is where I am. Hallelujah and amen on that one.

I pray, please agree with me, that he opens up to let our father in. And that nothing will stop him realising the blessing of the father.