Isn’t the father fabulous

He kept nudging me to try and find contact details for my cousin.

Today I found him, he has lung cancer plus other things. I was so excited because the father would not have put this in front of me, if he did not have a plan.

I use to be the quiet one, yes I know it sounds like a shock, but its true. In the family situation I was always shut down (what would I know about anything, please), now I know who I am in my fathers eyes and by God I am going to make sure I am heard. Loud and clear, no confusion.

Many years ago someone who I thought loved me, tried to destroy me. In the light of things I knew who was behind it. I have a feeling he had a part to play, if so I need to know and tell him he is forgiven. Someone thinks they have too much power, but they don’t have any.

I shall not be stopped, I shall not be quiet, for my father needs to speak and he will.

My cousin made decision that gave him, freedom even with his marriage. But he now pays with his life on the line, people don’t realise the end is not the end. The line that has been cut off from me is with him, his mother and mine were sisters. Cancer has ravaged the line, but it stops if I have anything to do with it.

The cross is my rock, the word is my breath and the pearl is where I am. Hallelujah and amen on that one.

I pray, please agree with me, that he opens up to let our father in. And that nothing will stop him realising the blessing of the father.


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