Lord, I need you…now

Things are definitely happening. Keep going father, I know you wont give up on me.

I am calling on my father to help, but as I say things do work together for my good. So I am willingly going with the flow.

I was watching something and I heard the words, let go, let flow. Think about it for a minute, I know people who try their darndest to work things out, my view is if it’s not his plan it wont.

I have seen people only call him when its zero hour, they are ones who have walked. All I can say is, why should he? A bit harsh yes, I know he will do what he wants at the time. What is needed for you, sometimes we have to fall flat, before we get back up.

I am making plans for next year, I have put forth my prayers and lets just see where they end up.

I use to hate making plans, why, because they would always collapse. Just like a house of cards, it use to really get to me. So at the time I changed too, being spontaneous, which for me was not easy. I like to plan, write lists, be organised, think of contingency plans etc.

But father getting back to my point, father I cry out for your assistance.


Laugh, sing and dance

Just go this now, so if your alone or not.

Get up and celebrate knowing the father, he is wanting worship.

As the song says, you died for me, you’re the one I live for.

I live because you died and I live to worship you. I give my all for you, you gave your best for me.

🙂 yahoo there is no one like you Jesus.

The jet plane is yet to land..

That’s exactly how I feel, like a plane that is about to take off.

Oh Lord, I think mainly because of the music I was playing, cant seem to get it out of my head. Nothing is ever wrong with that is there?

What am I listening too now? Revealing Jesus CD, a live worship experience, singer Darlene Zschech.

When you sing and worship, do you believe the words? Simple question but I do, I feel like I am in his presence having the most awesome time, dancing and singing. Enjoying the simple pleasure of knowing and celebrating my father.

The other night when prayer meeting was finished someone said, “They could see us at the doors to the secret room, there was no handle to open it. But with our prayers in tongues, the doors were opened for us. We were each given something, a stone, a gift”.

All I can say is wackadoo, yeehaa. Holy we cry holy, hallelujah God is here.

I feel him sitting at my table with me, welcome God, MY DAD.

Jesus be revealed..


I love his work, don’t you

I was thinking the other day how wonderful he is.

How he has our plans for our lives and how amazing everyday can be, if we let it.

Sometimes our plans can get in the way, so thanks for the prayers.

A person recently said, “If I didn’t know God”. Yep, so simple a phrase if ever there was one.

What if you didn’t know GOD? Oh Lord I don’t want to think where would we be.

I want to send a hug to you and thank you again.

Isnt he amazing, how he loves each one of us, he makes us feel special every time we breathe. Yes another simple way of looking at things, but he is absolutely fabulous. AMEN

Your prayer can be answered too…

I know sometimes when you pray, you may have some doubt. We are only human after all, but really, I am here to support you.

What I will add is, Let His Will Be Done.

I know it is hard sometimes, because we want a different result, but we have to remember, one key thing.

He is the GRAND architect, he has your plans for your life in front of him. So go with it, the ultimate result may be more than you asked for, even if what you prayed for changed.

Its true, sometimes I ask for something, I know that it is a high percentage, that it wont go the way I want at the time.

But I know, I Trust Him with everything. So I just keep going, this is a KEY.

Know that your prayers are not void, they are important to him and he loves you.

He just knows better, simple, but fact. Love him like the father he is and TRUST HIM.


I need you to pray.. Lord listen up

Yes, I am asking please if you have the time to pray for ME.

I feel this overwhelming need to pray for my husband, the man my father has chosen for me.

If you feel inspired and want to assist then, thank you. I have been praying in tongue’s pushing in and thanking the Lord for that man.

But I just felt to ask you, if you would like to pray too. If not then that’s ok, but it never hurts to ask.

My Prayer: So father, I ask in the name of Jesus and reminding you of your word. That if more than one person pray’s and agrees that you have to act, so I call in my husband Lord, the one you have for me. The one that is my match, I know father that you have been preparing my heart and I thank you for that. My heart as it was said on Sunday night, that you are healing, I know with the forgiveness that I was able to let go with your help.

Father I feel ready for the next phase, I thank you for not only letting that man cross my path. But for him being the man I know you can make him to be, a good man Lord, who has a love for you. A man who is wonderful, caring and all I have asked for. Lord as you know I always say to people you should marry your conscience and its true in most cases. I thank you again father, for all you are about to do.

Again I call him in, in Jesus name. Amen

I feel this prayer will go out like a microphone, to all the corners of the earth. Yahoo LOL