Your prayer can be answered too…

I know sometimes when you pray, you may have some doubt. We are only human after all, but really, I am here to support you.

What I will add is, Let His Will Be Done.

I know it is hard sometimes, because we want a different result, but we have to remember, one key thing.

He is the GRAND architect, he has your plans for your life in front of him. So go with it, the ultimate result may be more than you asked for, even if what you prayed for changed.

Its true, sometimes I ask for something, I know that it is a high percentage, that it wont go the way I want at the time.

But I know, I Trust Him with everything. So I just keep going, this is a KEY.

Know that your prayers are not void, they are important to him and he loves you.

He just knows better, simple, but fact. Love him like the father he is and TRUST HIM.



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