I need you to pray.. Lord listen up

Yes, I am asking please if you have the time to pray for ME.

I feel this overwhelming need to pray for my husband, the man my father has chosen for me.

If you feel inspired and want to assist then, thank you. I have been praying in tongue’s pushing in and thanking the Lord for that man.

But I just felt to ask you, if you would like to pray too. If not then that’s ok, but it never hurts to ask.

My Prayer: So father, I ask in the name of Jesus and reminding you of your word. That if more than one person pray’s and agrees that you have to act, so I call in my husband Lord, the one you have for me. The one that is my match, I know father that you have been preparing my heart and I thank you for that. My heart as it was said on Sunday night, that you are healing, I know with the forgiveness that I was able to let go with your help.

Father I feel ready for the next phase, I thank you for not only letting that man cross my path. But for him being the man I know you can make him to be, a good man Lord, who has a love for you. A man who is wonderful, caring and all I have asked for. Lord as you know I always say to people you should marry your conscience and its true in most cases. I thank you again father, for all you are about to do.

Again I call him in, in Jesus name. Amen

I feel this prayer will go out like a microphone, to all the corners of the earth. Yahoo LOL


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