Men…let the word be clear, we want to be – Respected

Now I am not having a go at all men.

But seriously, I was talking to a friend. She has men admiring her, yes wanting a one nighter. But treat her like she isn’t good enough to court for marriage.

Sorry but as I said to her, “Why waste your time, when they call be frank”. I told her to say, “If you like it then you better put a ring on it”. If they say no, cancel the call because its true they would do the same to her, but they think they are going to get somewhere, well devil you’re not.

Is it not true? We get taught in the world that we have to behave or just have sex at the drop of a hat, where ever or when ever. True affection has nothing to do with SEX.

Again, sorry, what (here I am shaking my head), her heart is more valuable than that. We both agreed that we want to be respected and treated as the ladies we are.

As my mother once said, “Why would a man stick around for the main meal, if you keep giving him desert”.

Its true, we have gotten off course, I know that a real man will come along. He will be her match and then mine will come. My father has said so, I will not be doing it the worlds way, but my fathers way.

No I am not old-fashioned, I have had it with the old way. It didn’t work and I have had it with rejects. My heart is a precious thing, that I have to guard, so if you want it, YOU HAVE TO EARN IT.

A MAN will be able to stand and court both of us. I know it, I have seen it and I am waiting for mine.

Intimacy is lost when you add sex to the mix. Think about it, once you have had sex, your heart is connected, even if what you have tasted is bitter, once you have taken another bite.

Food for thought, every girl I know is precious and has a lot to give, but getting chewed up and spat out, changes what she could have become.


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