Pray for my boy…

If you feel the need to share a prayer, I feel my boy needs it.

He doesn’t like the fact that I talk about God or go to church, but his heart is solid.

But I feel he needs our push in our fathers direction so I ask you to pray, that our father shows him the way.

He is capable of the most marvelous things and his heart is so kind.

So I pray father let this prayer be agreed too and as you say if 2 or more agree it shall be done. I pray of my son Lord, whom I put into your hands, you know how much he honours me as him mum. And Lord he knows that day when he should have been killed by a car accident he called his mum and couldnt explain why he was alive, but as you know father I said to him, remember when you left here to go home, I said to the Lord ‘to surround you with my loving angles and keep him safe’. He didnt want to know, but he cannot explain it, but you and I can.

Lord you birthed him through me and you say that every generation that follows will do more than me, so Lord. Show him the way, touch his heart and give him that experience that changes him forever.

You know father that I trust you fully with this, and as we join together this prayer will prompt you to go into action. Thank you for hearing my prayer Lord and bless those who join me in this prayer.

God bless and AMEN.



The time is defineately NOW.

I recently went to gods house and heard the most memorable message that moved me.

Not a regular move, like the earth shifting on its axis.

Oh Lord, everything is slotting into place and may I say if you doubted before, never would you again.

HE IS COMING BACK. He is about to frighten the life out of those who thought themselves smarties.

When you research dates and fit it together you would know what I mean.

I am so excited I think I had won the lottery.

My question to you is, ARE YOU READY.

The next year may astound you and in the Jewish calender the year has already began in September.

Oh Lord I am so excited, those around me that think I have lost the plot. This will shut them up, finally yahooo. I will stand by my man, my Lord and savior. Wackadoowow

Can you tell I am excited, lol

Aiming to please….

Sometimes when I take on a task for someone I can be harsh on myself.

I am aiming to please, so the job is done right the first time.

Sometimes I get myself all panicked, but all I have to do is remember to aim to please the Lord.

Everything will fall into place after that.

Kiss principle

I feel blessed beyond words..

Remember in my last post how I said you have to have a relationship.

You need to get to know him because the devil can make it sound like its from the Lord to trick you and get you off course.

Yesterday my dear Pastor, said those words. I actually asked him if he had read my blog.

But no, it was the same message from the Lord and I feel so blessed to have it confirmed that I am hearing straight from him.

Its lovely to know that my relationship is close, all I have to do is keep it up and always keep myself on guard.

Be blessed and know you can have this too…

Know the difference…

What do I mean by, know the difference.

Know when the Lord speaks to you and know when the devil is trying to move you off course.

Sounds simple right, but I am here to tell you that the devil can sound like the Lords message. What you have to do, is know him.

Make sure your relationship is like a friendship and get it confirmed by those in the know. Better to be safe than sorry, I usually wait and then move when I know its been confirmed.

Or you get a knowing that cannot be denied, usually someone on Sunday will back it up without them realizing.

Get to know him, its a treasure that you will love to have. He is waiting for you.

Be blessed.