When you step forward, stand firm

I know from experience the enemy does not like it when you are getting all that is written on your plan.

So he tries to stop you, with me, it’s not only all good, it is exciting because I know I am on the right track.

As I read the pages and accept the truth over my life, I am blessed.

I am really humbled by being chosen, years ago I did not understand why I stopped and said, I was going to be a priest but here I am. I was shown I would go out and do things that would make the world take notice.

The thing I must never forget, it is not me, but he who dwells within me. I knew that I had enough courage, that when he tells me I would act.

I knew, in time, the world governmental order will not only take notice they will know, who really is in control and that is the father.

So as I was prophesied once, you will right a book, that will be used by leaders of nations.

Think about that, that is really powerful, but it’s not me, it is always my poppa God.

I am changing and, its all good

Its a funny thing in Australia, even if the pressure is on, you normally say, its all good.

Especially when you have no control over what the outcome might be.

I am reading a book that god put into my hands, written by someone who is right on the money, with his path to father god and Jesus and all the realms involved.

At the end of each chapter it has an activation, now you might have realised by now, I believe the word of God, I believe in it all.

So when I say the activation, I believe to be changed, to be transformed, to be made new.

So lets just say, I ain’t done yet, but I am so excited, its like I am maturing, not by my age, but by the spirit.

It is the most awesome feeling, to know and be humble by the fact I am a priest in the order of Melchizedek. To be chosen by him, and to turn from the temptations of the world and turn my eyes on him.

Trust me, you don’t get less, you get so much more, its amazing…

Wow and WOW

I am a priest in the order of Melchizedek and through that the governmental order will rein.

I read something on the weekend and I got it, I got it good.

I am so excited I cannot explain but lets just say, the mountain shall move.