When you step forward, stand firm

I know from experience the enemy does not like it when you are getting all that is written on your plan.

So he tries to stop you, with me, it’s not only all good, it is exciting because I know I am on the right track.

As I read the pages and accept the truth over my life, I am blessed.

I am really humbled by being chosen, years ago I did not understand why I stopped and said, I was going to be a priest but here I am. I was shown I would go out and do things that would make the world take notice.

The thing I must never forget, it is not me, but he who dwells within me. I knew that I had enough courage, that when he tells me I would act.

I knew, in time, the world governmental order will not only take notice they will know, who really is in control and that is the father.

So as I was prophesied once, you will right a book, that will be used by leaders of nations.

Think about that, that is really powerful, but it’s not me, it is always my poppa God.


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