Tenacity…I have in spades

Tenacity is built by going through the fire, in life things may come your way that. Hurt deep to your very core, inside you a rising takes place.

What is this rising, the holy spirit in you, knowing that this is not for you. But if you use it, it will make you grow. My past has made me into who I am in part, parts that I can use today, to say, no you don’t or I can help with this.

But it will never define me, how the enemy tried to destroy me. I made a decision long ago, that I would not be like the others, I would stand for MY RIGHT to be the person my father destined me to be.

My strength has been built, I don’t need to be one of the crowd, I need to be the one small voice that is heard. Tenacity to me today is, what ever you try against me, I will have the victory through the word.

I am being transformed and transformation is my victory, victory of my father who has me in his hands, he is my guide, my light and my joy.

I live in this world, but my transformation makes me realise more everyday, that I am not of it.

I am more than and worldly person could see, for the word says, we will heal, in his name, we do all in his name. I believe the word, I believe that he is my dad, I believe he will guide me.

I have no doubt for the world tries to take everyday, where my dad gives. Yes sometimes its beyond your minds capability but guess what, let it go and the father will flow….


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