I do not get it…

Today I started my day saying the scriptures etc, then turned on the box.

Rich list, what is a rich list to you. Fame and fortune, not important, oh they have really nice cars and houses.

Yes but what have they not got, think about it, fame (someone you don’t know following you, someone who’s personality you do not know, lives through what you do) why?

Fortune, what really is fortune, for you can only serve one god and honey, that ain’t money. Money is an illusion used to get you off the path and onto the path of destruction.

I feel richer than anyone could ever imagine, when you have money its, oh what can I waste it on, its all about me me me.

Oh MG, time is directed from where it should be, and really if you have so much then do something with it. Their are homeless people, uneducated people, needs everywhere and your remembered for what, fake hair, lips, butt and who knows what else.

Are you loved, I mean truly loved, not for what you look like, but who you are. And what are you made of, time I think to strip all the false lashes etc, half the time you look freaky and not normal at all.

Normal to me is, not what you have, but who you are. You cannot buy your way into heaven, but you can buy your way to hell and burn for eternity. That will melt the silicon, when I meet someone, I don’t see age or anything else, I see inside, I see the person I think the father sees.

You can’t hide, so why not stand up, stand up and be you. Dad had a plan, so get serious, stop wasting time, because all too soon, time will be up…


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