I love the wise..

Why do I say that right now, only because I was thinking the other day, the english they accept ageing.

America, seems to not be able too, or they can not accept death. I am putting a whole heap of things together here.

In Australia, we use to be able to love, respect and honour grandparents. Or elders, the young watch shows and its always, what would they know.

Really, before internet, they worked out medicine, how to make things, build and grow and really appreciate, time.

Wisdom, is our elders, I love families that accept that in time they will have to look after mothers or fathers, making room, respecting each other.

My prayer is the world changes to honouring those before us, history can really make you stop and appreciate what they went through for you. Like Jesus, he died, he took my sin, he was tortured beyond belief.

WHY, for me.. and you

Wisdom is knowing that the stories in the word are real, not trying to destroy them, but accepting what has been done for us. So why on earth are we dithering about…



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