Desire can be used in the wrong way, and then the very right way.

But I know, desire to get to have a relationship with God, is the first way.

Its funny but when I get given something, I appreciate a small note more than any material object.

The other day a friend gave me an envelope, I made her a blanket for her new house, that she requested. She paid me for it, which was wonderful of her, but back to the note.

Bronwyn Thank you with a heart, to me that has more value than anything else.

You keep your Bentley, diamonds and mansions. If god wants me to have them, I would never stop him.

But I just treasure him, the time I have with him, for its TIME, TITHE and TASK.

Time spent not only doing things, but time with him, task can be putting things into action to get closer to him. And tithe, well enough said, if you cannot give with an open heart and its a chore, you need to check yourself.

Just to add, thank you to those who have clicked on my blog, I just hope that my journey from the world, into God touches hearts to know. Faith as small as a mustard seed is all you need to start with, then sit back, but talk to him. Make him part of your day, he is so special, its worth every step for in him, I am home.




It wouldn’t matter if you burned every church or every person. You cannot kill faith, for he will live on and on, long after I am gone.

I pray that you know what I mean, that my words go deep inside your soul. He lives and breaths in me right now but if I am gone, then the next will step into my place.

For he lives, he died on that cross for my sin, my sickness, my diseases and all those who come before me and will come after me.

For he is the alpha and the omega, the enemy is hate and all that is bad. My father is all good all wonderful and will never break your trust.

If anything happens to you, don’t run from him, RUN to him. For in him is the only place you can be safe. In history many have layed down there lives for the belief of FAITH and we know there names for its written in the history books.

Many years ago he said the same to me, your name will be written in the history pages. Well here I sit ready for you, I am willing to surrender all to you.

So Lord your word says everything I need, all I have to do is ask. So Lord I ask for what you want me to have beyond my imaginings. Lets show the world together for I will not be silenced. My direction comes from you, and no man is right for they will know the truth when judgement day comes.

So what do you believe the truth as I know it, GOD IS NOT DEAD.

Be Satisfied

One thing that struck me this week, when going about my day was to be satisfied.

The world tries to tell you to keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes.

What ever happened too, you buy a house that will do, then you not only pay it off but make changes over the years. You make a goal and achieve it, whether it’s replacing the flooring in one room at a time or painting, even replacing the kitchen.

No the world teaches us daily that we must have it all NOW.

Why is my question, I believe its to make us spend more than we need too.

I know the kind of home I like, its old-fashioned, built solid and yes I would rather a project one step at a time. Than have a big fancy house, all new furniture and all the bells and whistles.

Dont over stretch yourself, there is no need. Make do, the kids will grow and leave. Learning to share and live together will set them up for life.

I use to share a small bedroom with two older sisters, I learnt about them. Their tastes, fashion in the 70’s and how they were growing and changing. Mistakes I saw them make and was determined not to repeat.

So again be satisfied, money does not buy happiness. Love does….

Why, the reason for this blog

I was just thinking again, scary I know. LOL his message, just keeps pouring out of me.

Thinking about the reason why I started writing, it was to share the love I have for JESUS and why. Maybe something I have experienced could help someone else, thinking if anyone ever read this blog. I thought you never know, but I want my father to have a voice, through me.

Thinking: I decided that I have never had a problem writing anything, even the odd poem. I remember once in Year 8 my english teacher said, she wanted a one page story. I use to get ideas flowing once she started and off I went, 4 pages later she says to me, ‘I dont want any repeats in the story’ their wasnt any. I remember that moment so vividly and in grade 6 having to write a story about something in my life, that touched me. So I wrote about my cat Tom-as-John, why I loved him and so sad when he died, my teacher cried when she read it, dear Mrs Jubb. I was asked to read it in class, when I finished all the kids were so quiet, I thought they didn’t like it. Mrs Jubb again had the sniffles, but then they said, that was so beautiful.

Reading back through what I have written, I have surprised myself so much. Not only by what I have brought out of myself, to share with you. But what has changed in me, because of it, I usually have the motto.

“You never know, unless you have a go”.

Evidence of motto working: I never thought I had any artistic talent until one day, I went to a craft class and was asked to draw one of the flowers, sitting in a vase in front of me. I thought OMG this is not going to be good, LOL. Surprise, the orchid flower I drew, looked so real. It was like you were looking into the picture, which is very hard to do. I was told to go up to the local art society, I  showed them what I did and was asked how long had I been drawing, I said, ‘2hrs’. Next thing, I am a member and told to call myself an artist, yes I keep giving things away, but as I say, You never know, unless you have a go.