Why, the reason for this blog

I was just thinking again, scary I know. LOL his message, just keeps pouring out of me.

Thinking about the reason why I started writing, it was to share the love I have for JESUS and why. Maybe something I have experienced could help someone else, thinking if anyone ever read this blog. I thought you never know, but I want my father to have a voice, through me.

Thinking: I decided that I have never had a problem writing anything, even the odd poem. I remember once in Year 8 my english teacher said, she wanted a one page story. I use to get ideas flowing once she started and off I went, 4 pages later she says to me, ‘I dont want any repeats in the story’ their wasnt any. I remember that moment so vividly and in grade 6 having to write a story about something in my life, that touched me. So I wrote about my cat Tom-as-John, why I loved him and so sad when he died, my teacher cried when she read it, dear Mrs Jubb. I was asked to read it in class, when I finished all the kids were so quiet, I thought they didn’t like it. Mrs Jubb again had the sniffles, but then they said, that was so beautiful.

Reading back through what I have written, I have surprised myself so much. Not only by what I have brought out of myself, to share with you. But what has changed in me, because of it, I usually have the motto.

“You never know, unless you have a go”.

Evidence of motto working: I never thought I had any artistic talent until one day, I went to a craft class and was asked to draw one of the flowers, sitting in a vase in front of me. I thought OMG this is not going to be good, LOL. Surprise, the orchid flower I drew, looked so real. It was like you were looking into the picture, which is very hard to do. I was told to go up to the local art society, I  showed them what I did and was asked how long had I been drawing, I said, ‘2hrs’. Next thing, I am a member and told to call myself an artist, yes I keep giving things away, but as I say, You never know, unless you have a go.


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