Don’t go to sleep

Remember the story of the virgin’s.

Some were wise and took oil with them, some didn’t and had to go buy oil. It was then that the bridegroom came.

What was highlighted was that, they slept for a short time.

What is really clear is, don’t be asleep if the hour comes in the Lord.

This is your warning: Be ready to move, you will only have yourself to blame.

Keys are, spend time ready the word, praying in the spirit and getting to know HIM.


What a word, I felt fired up

On Sunday it was a great word.

We forget sometimes that Jesus was a normal man until he was 30 years old. He was just the carpenter’s son, to everyone else.

Then the right season came and he was then filled with the holy spirit, he became extraordinary, he was not just the carpenter’s son anymore.

That is the same with us, when we surrender and build in the spirit we can become extraordinary.

I always say to people if they say to me, you are not like everyone else. NO I am not, I am my father’s daughter and I was born this way, as I always say, ‘I was born extraordinary and I am not apologizing for that’.

My father has me here for HIS purpose, it’s up to me to wait for the right season and do what I must do.

As Mary said, “Let it be done unto me”. As it is his will, that I am where I am, strategically placed for what is to come.

What is wrong with me???

I have been looking at things and reflecting on myself.

So waiting to see if the Lord has a man for me. I am my worst critique, which can be too much thinking on my part.

I think to myself, check list, I can cook rather well, clean, honest, trustworthy. Good honest friend, not bad-looking dressed up. So what is it that attracts your mate?

I know too much thinking, but when I see others married and what they are like with each other. I feel I am missing something or maybe not worthy, yes I am feeling down on myself which is not good at all.

Oh Lord again what is wrong with me, maybe too much time on my own. I don’t know, I will leave it to my father and maybe have a heart to heart with a friend.

Much blessings.


I have been away from the computer. Paying more attention to the Lord than this blog.

But I do hope all has been well with you.

One milestone, is I prophesied, now this may not seem much to you but with me. Wow, I felt the Lord take over and bam, out she come at full force.

I have been spending time praying in tongues, trying to shift what has been over my life.

So here I sit, knowing that with Spring almost here so is a lot of new experiences.

And as you can guess dealing with hidden things inside of you that you are not aware of can be confronting.