Forgive, power

If you know someone with cancer, ask them this question.

Who do you need to forgive, hate creates a feeding frenzy when it comes to cancer.

And knowing what I know, you need to get rid of it.

Get rid of it before the devil uses it to get rid, of you.

Don’t ever miss what is yours

I know at the moment I am feeling extremely strong on not allowing any longer what has been missed before.

I have to complete my destiny, its a driving force in my life and I say to you, don’t miss yours.

Follow me…

Sometimes we go about our day with no real direction and my father is saying to us, follow me.

You might not know the destination, but trust the book (what is written).

For he wrote what he wanted for us in a book, with our name on it. I have seen it, its real, trust me.

That destiny is yours, the only thing the devil wants to do is stop you.

It’s up to you, how you follow his lead.

I am jumping in with both feet with a huge smile on my face.

Join me won’t you….

Mysteries being revealed

Sometimes I sit here waiting for the Lord to tell me something, what he wants to tell you.

And I think the heading sums it up, mysteries are being revealed.

Are you curious, do you want to know more. Then get time with him, find out from his mouth to your ears and LISTEN.

For he will give you what your ready for and not sometimes what you want.

Remember you have to make the effort first to get a result.


Is there something in your life that need weeding out and put onto the compost heap.

For then it will turn into good soil, that you will again be able to plant on.

Food for thought for today because I went to our prayer group. Which I have just left, there was a man sitting on the roof painting.

His son had, had a terrible accident and they didn’t think he was going to make it, but so many prayed. This man was in a church before but because of the religious spirit he was put off.

Nearly loosing his son changed him, today he thanked us for praying we all chatted to him and he gave his life to the Lord.

Yahoo, I knew when I saw him he was their at the right time and season.

His time for all the old rubbish to be thrown away to be made knew.