His word, fix it to what you are asking for..

His word is our manual, so how many times don’t we use it..

Trust me when I say, I have been guilty of this.

I am now using his word to back up, my case.

Use the power he has given to you, don’t settle for less.

We sometimes think, christians are meek and mild, I am one that when push comes to shove. I will push back, I will dig my heels in and go for it.

Why, because I know he loves me. He wants me to have everything, that he ever laid out for me.

And I want it…

I always say if you don’t ask, why then do you expect to receive. Again, I am stating my case, I will not allow anything else to be taken from me.

My father is the one I listen too. So what he says goes, put this into your life and YOU will never lose again.

Winner or loser, in the name of my father A WINNER.


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