Watching America today

I watched America today, and I saw a man walk across the road, to a building and stand.

What most do not realise is, he stood for God, I believe he was asked by God, how much do you trust me?

And then told what to do, so he just did it and the world were gob smacked as to why.

Well for us who know, what a sign of TRUST.

Trust to just hear and do what your told.

You may not like the man that was, but the man that God used today, I prayed for.

If your worried about how you will be portrayed or what others think, then I feel sorry.

Sorry that you have not yet come into maturity.

Sorry that you have not got the guts to move yourself or your attitude out and God in.

But when you move your worldly mind to a Godly one, you get it and see the work of the father.

When I see something like that I ask the father, I ask what he is trying to show and I got my answer, how awesome is he.

How awesome, and when you stand against him, you stand against the father, so I say this to you, be very careful with your words today.

For your words can lead to your death, not natural but spiritual.


My miracle with dogged determination

Now I have to be blunt so you understand, in 2013 I was given a procedure that showed I had Diverticulitis.

What were my symptoms, remember the mass it caused me to have problems getting rid of waste, black, rust, light tan, yellow and even a shade of green were seen. I had tests after tests that always showed I had infection, I had fever pain, gas coming from places I could not explain. And a smell that was worse than a septic swamp.

So I listened at the time, diet changed, fibre I had to watch reduce etc etc. The threat of either having an operation etc was said, so what did I do.

I listened, but would not accept, I had to say the words in the world, but I did not take it in.

I said to the Lord, I am not accepting this, I am your daughter and of your DNA. If I am meant to fulfil your plan for my life, then you have to fix this vessel, I demand it in Jesus name.

I will not accept this in anyway (I was determined with no doubt, he word says if you believe then you receive), by the blood of Jesus Christ who took this on him for me, it is removed in Jesus name. I demand it to go, I said this over and over and I would not accept anything else, even when things got really tough.

So I praise the Lord and father God, for hearing my words and making this MIRACLE happen for me. I feel so very humbled and thankful for taking this from me. Tests on Tuesday showed no sign of it and never being there. Yahoo

You can have it too, get so very determined that you cannot fail by his blood that covers me.

News, I have just taken up something new.

I had a friend contact me and before he did I kept getting a vision of someone saying, shush it’s a secret.

Not knowing what the heck that was, I thought ok in time my father will reveal.

Then my friend contacted me and asked if I wanted to be an agent. I went to my Pastor to check if its was ok, didnt want to make any mistakes here.

And I am not one of those easy sell kind of people, I have to use and believe in a product. If I don’t believe I am not selling it to anyone. I have very sensitive skin, I am not just hypo allergenic, I am hypo hypo allergenic.

So here I am a Seacret Agent, Dead Sea Minerals

If the Lord sees fit to help me this way, then who am I to argue.

Remember you never know, but be willing to follow. I have added the link details encase your curious.

Its Official

Yes the news that may surprise you, I know it is a surprise to me.

This blog is now on the Church website, oh lord (panic). LOL

No, as long as I keep remembering this is for my father, all will stay right with the world.

So if you go to River of Fire Ministries, Sunbury you will find it.

Updates will soon be made to this site also, keep watching this space LOL, I am having a funny day, sorry about that.

God has given another clear word…Warning for Japan

I am amazed at the times he gives us to prepare, he loves us so much.

Recently their was a christian conference, 4 prophets that are hearing clearing from god spoke and gave the warning.

Last time their was a tsumani in Japan God warned his people 5 months prior. The people asked why when they called on their gods, why they didnt answer.

He said you were worshipping the wrong God, in the bible it clearly states do not worship idols or man.

So again their is to be another wave to hit Japan, warn the people.

Take this as your warning, I will try and get the exact details or even where you can go to listen to it.

When God has spoken he will act, we are in the last days. Get ready and be in the boat, you CHOOSE now.

Are you ready for what is ahead?

I am at the finale, not mine lol

In the world I have been working for a year on two certificates.

One is Certificate 4 Business Administration and another in Frontline management, what a challenge this has been.

So this is my reason for being quiet again, sorry to all but I am in the final 2 weeks, so yeehaa when that happens.

I have a lot to tell you to inspire you, I think anyway so bear with me.

Be blessed and remember he is with you and you have to go through the fire to get the glory.

I could write for days with what has been happening so look out when I am back on deck. 🙂

Update on church website

Still trying to get through to IT to get this attached but if you google River of Fire Ministries, Sunbury which I am going to learn things need updating you will see where I am.

I am in his house that he is doing a great work in at the moment.

The river from heaven is white hot and on fire, praise the Lord

Be blessed

Last day yeehaa

Here I sit, my last day at work and I am excited.

Your probably thinking why, well it was said to me, that there are changes that are coming, changes that are positive. God knows what you are about to do, he has things for you and you will have joy unspeakable.

So he said it, I believe it, that settles it for me.

And bless my landlord, he came and cleaned up the yard for me, what a blessing.