Watching America today

I watched America today, and I saw a man walk across the road, to a building and stand.

What most do not realise is, he stood for God, I believe he was asked by God, how much do you trust me?

And then told what to do, so he just did it and the world were gob smacked as to why.

Well for us who know, what a sign of TRUST.

Trust to just hear and do what your told.

You may not like the man that was, but the man that God used today, I prayed for.

If your worried about how you will be portrayed or what others think, then I feel sorry.

Sorry that you have not yet come into maturity.

Sorry that you have not got the guts to move yourself or your attitude out and God in.

But when you move your worldly mind to a Godly one, you get it and see the work of the father.

When I see something like that I ask the father, I ask what he is trying to show and I got my answer, how awesome is he.

How awesome, and when you stand against him, you stand against the father, so I say this to you, be very careful with your words today.

For your words can lead to your death, not natural but spiritual.


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