I pray that those in leadership…

I pray as I type this, that people in leadership start to read, not only what I am learning.

But what the father is showing in this age.

You see people in the world don’t see what he does and with that I can speak.

I can speak using this avenue to those who find this little arena.

I know that through time, those more educated, seem to think they are better or smarter than me.

But what really counts is your awareness in God, it is not about the value you have via money or education.

Its about your value, as a person who stands by the sword and speaks when it’s necessary.

Not from you, but through you. I always go back too, Jesus heard that one small voice.

And another when the sea is rough, if he sleeps, then you sleep, you need to trust him with your life.

You need to finish the race, you must surrender all.

As I keep saying it is NOT about YOU, if you have surrendered, then shut up and listen.


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