Revelation, do you stand on them

When I get revelation, or know that something is coming, that no one can question, it sparks me up and drives me to know, he loves me.

I get saddened when people, cannot see the blessing.

Going back to the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

You can sit in church, but are you allowing change to take place, are you present, when he calls your name.

I know, one day, my words that are his will hit big time, seeing your name written in the pages of history, is really big.

I have an inclining, but I am not the architect here, he is, so things could change.

But I know, the world will be made to listen, and those who can listen and hear, will know that what happened 2000 years ago, IS REAL.


How deep is your depth

I know, I am getting very deep here, but seriously, how deep is your depth of faith in him.

Are you just like a duck, paddling on the surface, or do you submerge to the deepest depths…

It is a fair question, you see, here there was something on the television and it caused food for thought.

You see many people get into a situation of following one man, but forget whom they need to keep their eyes on.

My eyes remain on, how he has brought me through, how he saved me, how he gave me the great gift of hearing his audible voice.

My eyes know, man can fail, but he does not, you have to use your brain and know what in a conversation is truth and what is not.

I know when things don’t fit, I know when something is off, it is a gift I love and treasure.

My own personal depth had grown tired, but that is my fault, being sick and now having severe sleep apnea and PTSD can rock you a little, but my love remains the same, all for him.

Boy oh boy

I have been one very sick, duckee…

The enemy is trying all he can to stop me, this realisation is key to my recovery.

What I have been doing is taking mental note, of what is going on in the world.

I prayed that the worlds people would realise, money cannot save them, but can aid in their end.

If you get serious, he can save you, he is the key, he is all your need in one.

I may have been down, but I am never out, I am still his, I will always be, HIS

So, in this crazy world, take note, if you want to live, money and fame will not do anything but cause your end.