It’s never too late…

The enemy tried to convince me that, it was too late to even hope for a hubby.

But since I spoke, I know it is never too late, not saying anyone is on the horizon.

For as someone said once, if you try to find your prince you just may get an ugly sister.

Which is true, it is not what I think I want, but he will give me what I need.

But I sit here, and I know right now, he is enough.

And guess what, ads for horror movies don’t scare me anymore. But I speak and plead the blood of Jesus. Really, you think that’s scary, try my past, that would freak you out.

But I am really looking forward to the warmer weather, I feel myself smile from within. And to let that out, is new for me. I want to wear the cloths I have hanging in my wardrobe that I love, but couldn’t find the courage to wear before.

And you see my fingers were easy to open parts of my heart, but now, my voice is risen for the king.

I am my dad’s and he is mine, so you just never know. But I asked for the seals of my scroll to be realised, I want to read what he has for me.

I want to fulfil what I am meant for, in that I find comfort.


How to stretch…

Recently I posted on my facebook about my updated rissole recipe, now I love to make a game out of it, because it brings joy.

But what about you also stretching your belief, I love the song by Jesus Culture, Rooftops.

Because I proclaim, that I AM HIS, I sit here typing away and I know it to be true.

If your not stretched or your not uncomfortable, then your not where you need to be.

I find that when I give myself over, I know that I have to wait. But he sees, that I have opened myself up, not to work out ahead of him, thinking I am smarter.

But, opening up to receive what he wants, but to also see if he needs anything. My friendship with him is two ways.

Sometimes I hear people say, about retirement, holidays etc. Well I only know of one that deserves a day off, and that is my dad.

As long as I am breathing, I will stay tuned in to him. For I am who I am because of his architect plans over my life. I am made for HIS plan and purpose, so I take today how it comes and find joy in all that is in it..

Just open up, you would be surprised by what happens.

Oh lord just got a revelation

I find reading once I have posted easier to spell check, so apologise if it affects your end.

I was reading down, and read the update about the elevator ping.

The 1000 floor was me soaring up his steps so he gave me the elevator instead.

OMG, sometimes, it takes a while to put it together. The stairs are when you get it slower, I seemed to have zoomed further than ever.

Oh, now I hear him laughing, he has a great sense of humour.

Ok, dad take me back up to the top, I will stand and get off this time.

LOVE YOU…he cracks me up God bless


Desire can be used in the wrong way, and then the very right way.

But I know, desire to get to have a relationship with God, is the first way.

Its funny but when I get given something, I appreciate a small note more than any material object.

The other day a friend gave me an envelope, I made her a blanket for her new house, that she requested. She paid me for it, which was wonderful of her, but back to the note.

Bronwyn Thank you with a heart, to me that has more value than anything else.

You keep your Bentley, diamonds and mansions. If god wants me to have them, I would never stop him.

But I just treasure him, the time I have with him, for its TIME, TITHE and TASK.

Time spent not only doing things, but time with him, task can be putting things into action to get closer to him. And tithe, well enough said, if you cannot give with an open heart and its a chore, you need to check yourself.

Just to add, thank you to those who have clicked on my blog, I just hope that my journey from the world, into God touches hearts to know. Faith as small as a mustard seed is all you need to start with, then sit back, but talk to him. Make him part of your day, he is so special, its worth every step for in him, I am home.


Today is a new day…

All day, its been different.

It took me until after breakfast to realise what it was. I thought, I don’t feel the same.

It has been weird but in a good way, a new way of learning who I am in his eyes.

The greatest gift was when he tucked me in.

All I do is, trust him, talk to him as my friend and dad. He knows that, I ask for something but its always up to him, whether I need it or he sees that its right to give to me.

And that is the way its suppose to be.

Being tenacious, has served me well, what the enemy tried against me. Has built one strong women, who loves her dad.

So he looses again, yahoo.

This rose is opening up, and the full bloom will be well worth it.


Last night I had to speak, so I gave my heart over, the word before. Backed up what I was about to do and say.

I prayed and asked for impact, I stepped forward without fear.

What did I get?

When I was younger, I locked my heart up, to keep myself safe. If they could not get to it.

Then I could go on, I was going to be OK, regardless of what went on.

But I could not unlock it, the rusty lock from such a long time ago. I got stuck, but in my mind, it was a desire.

After I spoke, I came home went to bed, and it was like a dad tucking me in with a big smile on his face.

When I woke this morning, my heart was open..

Never, give up believing in what he can do, his timing is perfect.

Happiness and truth

Its funny but the simple things can bring you great happiness. Last night I was chatting to the girls and I was telling them about what’s been going on.

I said, “I want to see you, I have a right to see you”. Well be ready what you ask for, I have been seeing flashes, like a camera flash going off. Anywhere I go, the truth is keeping it simple.

Just let go of everything else that you think is important and stop thinking, just be.

All things will fall into place, for the right time and season is now…