Desire can be used in the wrong way, and then the very right way.

But I know, desire to get to have a relationship with God, is the first way.

Its funny but when I get given something, I appreciate a small note more than any material object.

The other day a friend gave me an envelope, I made her a blanket for her new house, that she requested. She paid me for it, which was wonderful of her, but back to the note.

Bronwyn Thank you with a heart, to me that has more value than anything else.

You keep your Bentley, diamonds and mansions. If god wants me to have them, I would never stop him.

But I just treasure him, the time I have with him, for its TIME, TITHE and TASK.

Time spent not only doing things, but time with him, task can be putting things into action to get closer to him. And tithe, well enough said, if you cannot give with an open heart and its a chore, you need to check yourself.

Just to add, thank you to those who have clicked on my blog, I just hope that my journey from the world, into God touches hearts to know. Faith as small as a mustard seed is all you need to start with, then sit back, but talk to him. Make him part of your day, he is so special, its worth every step for in him, I am home.



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