Spending time alone with him, what a gift

I just had my birthday and let me tell you age is an earthly number not how I feel and I was happy to be the age I am.

The one thing I wanted was time with the Lord, uninterrupted and wonderful. So mobile went on silent, I didn’t go out I just loved the time I had with him.

I was given the one thing that I will treasure, is a word, to follow after him and he will take care of my every need.

Why this is so on the ball is my work is finishing up, it is being merged with a huge company. I don’t know if I will have a job and it’s funny, I don’t really care. My cares are with him, when I was offered a job here, the Lord said to me I want you to go work their, so I did.

It’s been hard every pressure has come against me, but I still stand in the knowledge God put me here and he has not told me to go. I am made of super strength because I am his daughter (that is a statement). I was born to an earthly man, but I know who my real father is and have since that day my life changed.

The world teaches you to freak out and panic (sound familiar) the devil goes and messes with your head.

I sit here typing this in my BLOG and I have a smile on my face. My father is in charge of what happens to me he has my blue print for my life in front of him, I have nothing to fear.

The grand architect knew my end from the beginning and anything I do will interfere, so I have learnt to patiently wait. He has never ever let me down and never will.

But I do have to let him know that I trust him with everything I have and that I am.

I will keep you posted, but it can only be the best for me, I have no doubt.

Remember God is in a really good mood and thinks your awesome.


Christian hmmm!

I know a lot of people in the world view Christian’s badly, mainly because there are a few that have hidden behind the word to get away with negative or hurtful things and sometimes even milk it for all it’s worth.

Calling someone a Christian is to me pigeon holing and maybe a little religious. What I mean by religious is, you have to do this you, you stand, you sit and you only have contact with the minister or father at the door.

I celebrate Christmas in my own way. Yes it’s great to get together and share a meal, but who said you had to go into debt or spend loads because of the season. Why do we celebrate it? Because it’s Jesus birthday, not ours! People who don’t believe will go to church at that one time of year.

It’s the same with easter, I don’t go through the motions anymore, growing up my kids got the chocolate eggs but think about it.  Jesus died and rose again, did he not? So celebrate that he will be returning, as a full-grown man where he left off.

It is hilarious to me when people think that if they show up at christmas mass etc then it’s ok, true them going is a wonderful thing. But if he made heaven and earth, gave us day and night, then every living thing. Don’t you think he can see the rest, he sees YOU, your actions, your heart and thoughts, EVERYTHING.

I had friends that went to church on Sunday, I said to them your only going to confess your sins for every other day of the week (this was before I gave myself to God), they didn’t like it, but it was true. The husband didn’t think twice about straying.

Some like to use his words and bend them to fit, but if he stood before you on judgement day, what would you do? I always try to think what would Jesus do, how would he handle this. He did things his fathers way, not in a religious way, but loving and genuine.

Back to the basics I think. Please don’t fence me in because, it is up to my father ultimately and his word is our handbook.

So happy!

I don’t know about you but when someone loves Jesus, my heart begins to break forth.

There is a saying in the world, that people can feel like they are on cloud nine.

With me it’s like I am walking on air, I feel like and as if I have this awesome light shining from within and I know that’s him. I walk upright with confidence and joy.

I am his vessel to be used how he wants, I am willing and ready.

Recently we had a visitor to our church, he said he saw that we were like lantern’s shining bright and full of oil.

I really wish other’s could feel this, for a minute, people who don’t have, a love for him are missing so much.

I am so thankful for being where I am today. I heard someone once say, if anyone asks you which church you go too, why not say “I go to my father’s house“.


Smack the devil out

This will be short and as sweet as possible.

If you are sick and tired of the devil playing around with your life, then take authority.

We are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings, are we not? Then Jesus is our brother and it says “we have power and authority”. Do you agree? Then use it!!

Sunday we have church, but that night we also gather, we have either a DVD of a speaker or battle prayer. I never pray mildly, I am here to take on anything to fight and win in my father’s name.

I was shown how the devil tried to black out my space in life and how I had this little area of light around me. I could tell he was dancing and playing in front of me, remember he has no remorse, guilt or conscience, he doesn’t care how he may hurt YOU.

When I knew what it was I went after him, I kept at him and took hold in spirit of the authority I have been given.

I thought of myself as the engine of a train, I kept saying over and over “you know your place, you know your place, you bow before me”. Bam! he only had a pin top of space and I brought light to the rest, I pushed him back to know, I am in charge not him.

Remember always, that what happens in the heavenly’s, is a prelude to what will happen in your life. And when you find joy in the lord and praise the name of Jesus you hit the devil with a punch.

Go for it, smack him out.

God is so funny

I think about things I like, then I try to work out how I am going to find it. Then God comes in, I get a peace and a feeling like he just put a smile on my face.

So as my father I say, Lord I would like eg: an easel that I can put big canvas’ on, I don’t care if it’s home-made but this is what I want, then I picture it. Same goes the other day I was thinking of Fabergé eggs then I thought oh I would love a little one. I forget about it and think nothing more about it.

These requests I make just walking around spending time and talking to him whether it be out loud in my head. I never expect to receive them I just do a, if I could, I would love and leave it their.

I love Saturday mornings, I wake up and talk to him, I make him real to me as you are, you who is ready this post. It’s my time with him, that is not interrupted we are just hanging out.

Last Saturday I went out, around midday ended up in Vinnie’s love to have a look you never know what you can find. When I parked the car right in front of me is the easel I pictured and forgot about, $3 what a bargain. Then I go inside, love to check out the jewellery before I leave.

Now I did not have my glasses on to see what I was looking at but an opal caught my eye. So I asked the lady is that an opal, she went to pick it up and I said, “no, what is that next to it” I was diverted immediately. She placed it in my hand. The chain I could see was cheap but the pendent was heavy, so I bought it $4 went online to see what it was and they have affordable Fabergé style pendents from $80 right to the top of the tree.

Isn’t God funny how he works, of all places. He can do the most surprising things, that makes you feel so special and loved.

Teenagers got to love them!!

God enlightened me of something on the weekend, teenagers got to love them, or want to strangle them. They have this pack mentality, to do whatever it takes to be one of the crowd and turn against the old’s, their the enemy.

OMG how nieve is that, parent’s have never been young before, they don’t want you to have fun, they won’t let you go to party’s or I can’t stay out late and they just don’t understand blah blah blah. Yes lie to your parent’s, fight them at every angle, treat them like crap on stick, they are not trying to protect me they are cramping my style and not letting me go out and have fun again blah blah blah. It’s fine I know the people who will be their, really that old line again! Teenagers never get hurt they are invinceable!

Wake up, they LOVE you and that is all they are guilty of, they trusted you and you abused that. Without remorse or guilt, you who live rent free and give nothing in appreciation of what you are given freely.

Oh and if I hear I didn’t ask to be born again, it will be too soon, you were born out of love. You who are run here their and everywhere think that’s their job, no it’s not. What about what you have to do, oh and my parents owe me! WHAT, for what, you who don’t know the difference between moochers and friends.

You know when it comes to the crunch you will find out who your real friends are, the ones that treat your parents with respect for allowing them in their home. I know from experience which is something you are yet to have.

One thing I regret: It’s sad that I gave up my virginity like I did, I cannot take that back and to this day I feel so sad about it. If a guy cannot hold your heart by they way he treats you and he should treat you like the princess you are (not use you for what he wants, you know what I mean), then he doesn’t deserve you. Set the bar and don’t take anything less.

I know the saying, I just want someone to love me! I have been their, I got chewed up and spit out (no that might not happen to everyone). Your parents love you they just want you to take a breath wait 4 seconds and just put yourself in another thinking pattern to see what may go wrong.

PERSPECTIVE is a wonderful thing and teenagers don’t often have it. I was always told just stop and think about what if, that saved my life in more ways than one. I have seen teenagers vandalize and be violent towards their parents, in truth they are fighting the wrong enemy. Some will even go to extreme lengths because when it come down to it, they want their own way, yes it’s selfishness.

I had to come to that conculsion with myself growing up and no one would argue, you have 3 years of rebellion that turns you into a person if you looked through someone else’s eyes you wouldn’t recognize. When I woke up, I thought if I don’t make a change then I have not grown up and my mother will not believe me if she doesn’t have evidence. I had to stand up and be responsible, I had to go back to my mum and say that at the time I didn’t see past me, we said things in the heat of the moment and for my part I am sorry, but bringing it back to basics you did it because you loved me. I couldn’t make her say the same to me, but I made the change.

Parents are not always right we learn every day, but we have this overwhelming need to protect you from any enemy, even if that is yourself. If we go about it the wrong way and make mistakes at least we will learn from it, most will acknowledge this. Sometimes when I was growing up I had to be the bigger person, I had to understand that maybe my mum didn’t have the best upbringing and she was doing what she thought was best for me by the way she learn’t how. You have to eventually acknowledge that, just because we are parents doesn’t mean were dead, we love to be funny to have a laugh, most I know are good people.

I remember when my son realized I wasn’t just mum but a woman in my own right, that shocked him he never even thought about it, mum’s stay home they never do anything and they are always their when needed. We are individuals in our own right and funny why not get to know us, I am glad I did that with my mother before she died, I have the most precious and best memories.

What I am trying to say is just stop and think. Sometimes giving of yourself is the best thing to do, be selfless, you will get more I promise you. You think your parents are hurting you, that’s a lie, see the truth and appreciate what you have before it’s taken away.

Sometimes the one we need to fight is looking back at us in the mirror. It’s up to you to stand up and be the person your destined to be.

Wake up and open yourself to better things

I have said to several people God is in a good mood and he thinks your awesome, in Australia that doesn’t seem to hit the mark. I have noticed how many people are dry in the spirit. They will easily take hold of witch craft or chase spooks but anything to do with God no way. Why does he seem so scary and the devil doesn’t has the world deactivated us with all the movies, have we been lead up the garden path, I think so.

On Saturday I went with a friend to Macca’s and met another friend their for a drink. As I was leaving their was a guy in a wheel chair he smiled at me I said, “hello, how are you” he grabbed my hand to shake it, I thought, he saw something in me so I said, “be healed in the name of Jesus”.

It’s not up to me what happens after that, it’s in the father’s hands. If the kingdom of God come’s on him then how fabulous, signs and wonders will follow, all I have to do is prepare the way by being willing. To be willing is the most important thing, to be his vessel, nothing I can think of compares to what is coming.

The lord has shown me in advance what I will be doing and it’s begun, but it is not me that is doing the work, but my father. I don’t care if people don’t like it, it’s their CHOICE, but why miss it. Why do we push the good away, what is so scary I have heard people say oh it’s brain washing or even pushy christian’s.

You know what I am not pushy, I am quiet normal, but God is in my life and I am not ashamed of it.

Find the good its there

I have been thinking about this blog and what I am trying to say. I have yet to get it organized and the way I would like, but I have to write. It’s like when I have to paint, yes I do art for fun or when prompted, it feels like a release in a direction that I was never aware of  (never knew I could, what a surprise that was).

Anyway back to subject at hand, I notice people sometimes, there are the ones that do the, Oh poor me, the whiners, the skeptics etc etc. You know where I am going with this, but who made your day today, what good did you find from a complete stranger?

Food for thought! ok now I have your attention, I have had days were I just wanted to let everything go and have a cry session (this is quiet rare at times). And I have, but then when I have exhausted myself I think to myself what can I do or find good out of this? So then I pray to the father, “Lord this hurt and I have had a moment but I need you, help me find the positive out of it”.

Sometimes you need help, other times he is quick and gives you the answer, before you have thought of the question. I find him very mindful of me, even down to the little things (which touches my heart greatly).

Recently I wrote about something that happened without going into detail. So far what I have learnt is how strong I have become in trusting him.

I use to be a person who was very dramatic and I could cry at the drop of hat, I felt weak and powerless, even depression sunk it’s claws in at the time, that battle is being won.

I am sure people who use to know me would be absolutely blown away by the change in me, it’s not about age, no amount of years can give you this only he can. I am no longer a dweller, or a poor me or even a reaction of, I need to have a sleep, try to hide or turn off the world.

God is very mindful to give me songs that I have heard or sing on Sunday. I love this, last week it was the same as now it goes like Holy spirit send your fire down, going over and over in my head, also has I yield my mind, I yield my heart, I yield my life to your spirit oh Lord. I will find out what it is for you, its good because it keeps your mind active on one thing, what he is trying to tell you. Something will come out of this that will blow my mind, sometimes I have to wait so I will get back to you.

Yes sometimes things are hard but gold is never moulded without heat and fire. And another is a diamond is only formed under great pressure.

I have a friend and sister in the house who earlier this year had a stroke, I don’t think anyone I know panicked or thought why. We went into action my focus and thought was about her rehab when she was home, so being one who has to be practical I thought of her front garden it’s small but boy did I work hard to make that happen, all weeds at the time.

Back on course (I have a habit of diverting so bear with me) she text me, near the end of the conversation she said how she felt trapped in her body, her arm and left side was affected for a time. I said to her God sometimes steps back, things happen to make us “what we are yet to become“. I told her she is destined for greater things, family and life can divert us sometimes and we need a check. I knew when this happened and I kept telling her husband this is her miracle, yes it will be a battle but without doubt it’s hers for the taking. She is astounding everyone, she is an awesome person and so loved by everyone.

And yes she loves the garden, so do her neighbours.

Books that have impact

Sacred Marriage image     At the moment I am reading Sacred Marriage by Gary L Thomas.

I was online looking at books etc and this stuck out at me so from God’s prompting I bought it.

When it arrived I was very excited, been married before in the world before my walk with him began. I thought I knew a lot, well I don’t.

Reality check, time. I started reading and I can’t tell you the amount of times I have put it down because BAM it stops me in my tracks. Me a person who can read a book in a day or so, it’s been three weeks and I am only very close to 3/4 the way through.

What I mean is you think your ok, that you know what to do and how to treat people.

We never ever stop growing and learning, we are a work in progress.

What I love is, I was prompted to get this book to face myself and see where I went wrong before.

I remember once looking at my backyard (years ago) and their were pots, frying pans that I would pitch in absolute frustration. Yes I was immature and extremely bad-tempered, thank God he is changing me. (I married to get out of home, my words at the time. “If I have to marry the devil I will to get out of here”).

You know you have to watch what you say, words have power, yikes. (Long story) But it all went very very wrong rather quickly and I am not innocent here either.

Anyway thankfully I am on the right road, I know he is preparing me for what he has. Whether that be a husband to come or not,  I was a captive audience one day and I heard the words “how can you be someone’s bride if you cannot be a bride of Christ”. That was then my goal to be his, then if he blessed me all well and good but it is not my main focus.

But if your thinking of marriage or if your lucky enough to be, do yourself a favour and have a read.

But be prepared, it might hit where it hurts, but if you grow from this, what a bonus.

Book was purchased online from Koorong bookshop Melbourne

What I received

Yesterday was a challanging day to say the least, I cannot go into it for privacy issues but another test as a mum.

Some would look at what happened as an OMG moment, but I CHOOSE God over and over again.

The devil tried again and God won. I know this is skirting around what happened.

But I chose to hand something to him, lock stock and barrel. Something on the inside of me rose up and said no, this will not defeat me.

When something that would rock someone else’s world, not mine because I CHOOSE to find some joy somewhere somehow. There is nothing I can do that HE cannot do better. I have learnt not to interfere but trust him fully. I have found a place of refuge when things happen because he is my strength my sword and shield. It says it in black and white, oh father let the world see your awesome beauty and know you are their God.

What I received was peace, knowing he has it in hand. The grand architect with my blue print for my life layed out in front of him, all I have to do is be willing to follow his instruction. I do it boldly and with love for him, he has never let me down before and never will.

It’s looking through his eyes not the way we have been trained to see.

Have a blessed day.