Spending time alone with him, what a gift

I just had my birthday and let me tell you age is an earthly number not how I feel and I was happy to be the age I am.

The one thing I wanted was time with the Lord, uninterrupted and wonderful. So mobile went on silent, I didn’t go out I just loved the time I had with him.

I was given the one thing that I will treasure, is a word, to follow after him and he will take care of my every need.

Why this is so on the ball is my work is finishing up, it is being merged with a huge company. I don’t know if I will have a job and it’s funny, I don’t really care. My cares are with him, when I was offered a job here, the Lord said to me I want you to go work their, so I did.

It’s been hard every pressure has come against me, but I still stand in the knowledge God put me here and he has not told me to go. I am made of super strength because I am his daughter (that is a statement). I was born to an earthly man, but I know who my real father is and have since that day my life changed.

The world teaches you to freak out and panic (sound familiar) the devil goes and messes with your head.

I sit here typing this in my BLOG and I have a smile on my face. My father is in charge of what happens to me he has my blue print for my life in front of him, I have nothing to fear.

The grand architect knew my end from the beginning and anything I do will interfere, so I have learnt to patiently wait. He has never ever let me down and never will.

But I do have to let him know that I trust him with everything I have and that I am.

I will keep you posted, but it can only be the best for me, I have no doubt.

Remember God is in a really good mood and thinks your awesome.

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