What the….

Yesterday was 31st October 2012 what event happened last night. Am I the only one having a, OMG moment.

Why is it we think showing children, that to knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets is ok.

Then why do we teach them to be aware of strangers. Around the corner from where I live, a few years ago there was an uproar because a pedophile was living a block away from a primary school (which is dangerous). But do you know who is living next door, are you aware of what they are doing when no one is looking. And how do we have the right to cause an uproar, “when we without sin can cast the first stone”.

Someone I have known in my life, is a pedophile and I know it’s a familiar spirit that causes great mental sickness. They do not see the wrong, and will go out of their way to prove you’re in the wrong, not them. They will cause great distress and leave a path of destruction without guilt or remorse (sound familiar).

Sorry but it’s wrong, again we are saying the scary stuff is ok, even fun and a bit of a laugh. But my sign on the door said, NO HALLOWEEN HERE ONLY JESUS, which was a joke to everyone. It’s the truth he was their, I felt so sad for these kids they have no hope. Bible bashers, Christian’s you know the drill, they scorn you without any understanding.

The Devil had a field day and 95% of people, including children, I would say were oblivious to what their actions did in the heavenly’s. But when things go wrong they ask why, well derrrrr…..

The world has made so many blind, I could feel the cry of my father’s heart last night and I still feel it today.

Again,what the…


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