Who is really questionable here

I have been thinking and why I seem to others to be questionable, if your in church, its a cult.

But to me a cult is when you have no say, you follow along like a numbed idiot, and you cannot see the other view.

If you walk into a store with a stick, feathers and bells, your considered spiritual. If you read cards, boards etc, then your accepted.

But, if your a christian, that believes he lives, your considered nuts.

Lets get real here, we have a time frame that states, AD and BC, which stands for after death and before Christ.

So, because as the years pass, we have watered down the realisation, that this history happened with Christ.

Many times, evidence shows, they found blood, blood from where Jesus was, 2000 years old, dried, tested it and it’s alive. Noah’s boat, more and more, because humans try and use the human brain, they cannot add it up. So instead try and shut you down and shut you up.

But one certainty here, I am not nuts, just called, called to seek out my path in life. Every time someone didn’t like what I wanted to do, they shut me down, I have been called stupid, worthless etc etc.

Great ideas and thoughts are constantly in my head, because the spirit of prudence knows I am excited by invention. I always use to never understand why, people always worked on assumption, it makes me fired up, because you should never assume what I can do.

Being my fathers daughter, I can do all he has for me and more, in that I have trust. He knows, money doesn’t interest me, but righteousness on certain matters does. Being a good steward is and thinking everyday, if I sin, it is another hit to Jesus on the cross.

So I make sure, I am conscious to not sin, or try not too, I am only human…


I like lock down…

I know, some do not understand, but I love it.

Here, we have got just seven days and people are rebelling in small groups.

But I was able to fix someones mending, I seem to be the only person who owns a sewing machine.

And I love to mend, I love to darn socks, to use something till it has nothing left in it.

Yes, I could not do it like the third which went on for ages, but you get a lot done.

I find, it gives me a peace, a peace to know that I cannot be interrupted, I am reading, praying in tongues, I am inviting his presence and I love it.

I grew up and was OK in my own company, my son was the same and that’s OK. Some need to be with people and that is OK, we are all different, but enjoy it.

I find instead of crying, I laugh, instead of worry I find joy. I work on the opposite because I know, what ever the enemy tries, I must be close, close to my next victory and that is exciting.

So, if I say I like lock down, what does the enemy have, hot air.

Just, turn this into a positive and read revelations, time is almost up, to get a grip and know who is in charge.

I’m excited….

What’s your idol…

Many times in life we have idol’s that get in our way.

What am I on about, some can have money, some can have family, some big fat men, some even who they see in the mirror or even children, sometimes even just too much stuff in the home.

All of this gets in the way, with you and the father.

I am not saying to ditch everything, but everything needs to have a certain place in life. But in my view a religious idol is so wrong, because when you experience him, nothing comes close.

We get told things and we never question the truth, where has this come from, eating a slug from the ocean is good for you, cutting of a rhino horn and consuming it is right. Sorry, but when it comes to a rhino horn, it is just compressed hair, there are other thing made synthetically that can do more for you.

The constant killing of animals when the reasoning is just wrong, gets my back up. An elephant is killed for a tusk, really who in there right mind would want one. Understanding the importance of the balance with animals that all humans need to have to survive on this earth.

Anyway as you can read, I believe in eating only what you need. This earth cannot sustain, what is happening right now, and I do not want my father walking on a planet, his father created and seeing what we have done.

Idols can be a mansion, really this I find the most nuts. Why, because you are one person, your house should be what you need, the point is Jesus is what I need. Is your ego so small you need a big house, just because you can does not mean you should..

What I want, I ask within reason, but I do not want a huge house, when I know others may be struggling and not only that, would I be feeding my selfish ego here.

I think sometimes, I am the only one who thinks this way. I dream about building on the property which I live, (I have a passion for plans and houses) only because this house is built wrong, wrong to do with windows, insulation, plumbing etc. A home should not be, what you think you want, if your more concerned to just entertain, then build a shed.

I would like a home that makes sense, is big enough for what I need to do and that is it, I do not need to buy and move and move and move, trying to become rich. I am rich, rich with the father who is with me.

I admit my TV has been my idol recently, but I want to see droplets of gold oil, like I use to, when I would talk to someone about the father. I want the fire back, I want to live the mandated life he set for me.

I pray that I can put down my idol and make him, mine…. and find out what my mandate is.

Do you feel the vibration?

Many times I hear things and feel physically sick.

Why, does this happen to me, because I feel the earth, I feel the vibration and see it differently to others.

When I see waves coming in, and going out, I feel the earth breathing.

I have heard the leaves on trees clapping, I have felt the vibration of the land.

At times I have even felt the force anger, for what is being done against it and for us to be moved to pay attention.

Know I know, reading this back to myself, it sounds a little incredible.

But think about it, it says he created this earth, he breathed life into us, but we have got so busy trying to fit everything in.

Some trying to be rich, some trying to be famous, some just trying to own it all. But you have nothing, unless you become aware of the vibration.

I try all the time to be aware of what I purchase, how it will be used once I finish with it. We all should be aware, because we get one shot at this and to not do so, is a real smack to the father.

I walk in the bush, I feel the trees, singing, moving with the wind, I do pray others can tap into this. For what you see, through his eyes, is absolutely amazing.

How much do you love him

I have a picture that I printed and every time I walk past, I talk to him and tell him, how much I love him.

Sometimes I even blow a kiss, this is because, I know without him I am nothing.

Someone told me what to do and I did it, then I had an experience holding a stone out of his river, a sapphire and it vibrated.

Now I am not talking about a dream here, I am talking about his river, that comes from his throne.

I went into it, I surrender myself to experience everything, to breath in the water that glows.

He does this, because he loves me, he knows that when I do this, I am coming to him.

Many times, we want him to fix us, to visit us, to do all the time.

But, have you ever moved into a space, where you seek him, his presence, that you move your spirit in his direction. Not because you want something, but because you just want to visit, to just see if HE NEEDS YOU.

To be a friend of GOD, not a child that wants all the time.

It is like in the natural, as a parent you can give and give to a fault, then you create children that only want to take.

But have you considered, how to build a giver, not for what they will get out of it. To freely give, without expecting anything in return.

That is the real jewel here, when you give, he does not care what you have, he cares for you, you cannot hide the bad parts from him, but you can start anew, with an honest one.

When you forget, its time to remember

I was watching something, someone sent to me and I am grateful.

Grateful, because I forgot, forgot just how powerful he can be.

When I had a mass, I believed beyond any doubt, my life would be saved. That this thing would not cause me any harm.

Then the memory of this became smaller, when new circumstances came into play, I forgot to stand on this again.

So pain became monumental, and I became more and more the wrong way, believing the lie.

Where his truth, his truth can and will set me free.

So when you forget, it can be time to rev up again and remember, remember all he has done before and all he can do now and in the future.

Do not think your done, or have to live with it, that’s a lie, your more important to the father than that.

So, take it from me, when you have a chance grab hold of the lies and sit, talk to him and stake your claim that his truth will set you free.


I am amazed…

I find it truly amazing, that people are following this blog.

I do not like the word, blog, lets call it “life in print.”

Well, this life in print, is one I have lived through and I find even my own words, inspiring.

Inspiring, because, it is amazing that all this happened to me, to little old me.

I don’t seem to be any kind of special, just someone, you would walk past and never remember.

But, through my life of finding my father, my real father, my journey and my miracles and blessings, I feel amazing.

I always use to say, I am the exception, not the rule. Because I am his exception, I am his daughter, the apple of his eye, how amazing is that, how exceptional is that fact.

So the fact that I see people from around the world, reading my story, is absolutely (I have no word, to describe).

But my biggest prayer, is those who, may be going through something, see hope. Hope that there is light, there is life, there is joy, out the other side.

I see 9 countries on my stats, and I think of you. I hope that your OK, I hope that my words touch your heart. That my journey, gives your strength, to stand on your path. The one that father set up for you, and choose it, choose to take hold and not let go, choose to surrender and soar like and eagle.

And to live, not only a better life, but a lived life.

Soaring Like an Eagle

God bless……

I am a survivor…

Many times I have said these words, but never really had the revelation. But today, as I sit here, I am a survivor.

I have lived in a world of abuse and come out the other side, becoming a mum, in many ways freaked me out. Because I did not want my children, to have to experience, what I had.

But, as I sit here, I can see things, things I did because I was still in victim mode (but thinking I was right), everything that would come at me, I reacted, I was trying so hard to disarm my reactions, but failed in many ways. The evidence was all around me, but I unwittingly, I went extreme because I wanted to protect, in what ever that meant to me.

Luckily, my children grew up and I am thankful for who they are, but, I don’t think they can ever understand, what hell really feels like. Because when I grew up, the walls I lived in, felt like hell on earth.

I am glad, I apologised, I am glad, I am on the other side, I am glad, that I took back, the prosecutors file and owned it.

I fully trust my real father, the alpha and omega, I fully trust that one day, they will put there faith, in the knowledge that the Lord Jesus was born and does exist. I trust that one day, they will see from the other side of a point of view, and see truth, they will see the survivor instinct, from the leadership of a parent that cared enough, to make decisions to give them a chance.

A parent, who loved them, to try and push them out of there comfort zone, and live a better form of life. And finally see me as a individual, that like a phoenix who rises from the ashes. Who rose above all odds, to find the living spirit of the Lord. To set a path, that when they choose it, will bring nothing but glory, into their lives.

They will see, what I see, they will know what I know, they will believe, because of the evidence that has been set in motion.

For the father knows, he knows I trust in him. He knows, I love him, with everything I have and everything I would ever want.

Knowing, how loved you can be, sets you on course, not because of your past or a kind of addiction because of it. It is not like drugs or drink, it is a belief because of what has been present, miracles that I cannot deny. Not because someone who may not understand, thinks you may have lost your marbles.

It is real to me, because I live as evidence, that he is real. For those who cannot fathom, fathom the facts here, that I know because even medical professionals cannot figure it out. But when you know, something greater is in charge, and you give your life over to that.

Amazing evidence follows, so trust, trust in what is really, real. The world is a ball, we all live on and share, but when you experience and know more, that science cannot explain, it puts a smile on your face.

When they even make a show, that starts with, it all started with a big bang !.. they cannot explain aurora borealis, they think they know

Aurora Borealis Facts & Information - Beautiful World Travel Guide
God’s highway, seen from earth

When you look at things, through different eyes, what your faith is, as real truth. Peace, joy and liberty follows.

I pray for you

I have just seen where people are viewing this little blog.

I would like to pray for you, I would like to send a prayer of hope.

I pray that the words I share with you, touch your heart, deep deep down. To know the fathers love is all encompassing, all providing and everything and all in one.

I pray that, when you go about your day, you start to learn to speak with him, inside at first but then outside, when walking in nature.

I pray that you experience him more and more, because he loves you, know that for sure and never give up believing in that.

I hope my words help you in your journey, because nothing you do comes close. Share this love, with a smile when you see a stranger for I believe, that when you smile, its really him looking at them…