When you forget, its time to remember

I was watching something, someone sent to me and I am grateful.

Grateful, because I forgot, forgot just how powerful he can be.

When I had a mass, I believed beyond any doubt, my life would be saved. That this thing would not cause me any harm.

Then the memory of this became smaller, when new circumstances came into play, I forgot to stand on this again.

So pain became monumental, and I became more and more the wrong way, believing the lie.

Where his truth, his truth can and will set me free.

So when you forget, it can be time to rev up again and remember, remember all he has done before and all he can do now and in the future.

Do not think your done, or have to live with it, that’s a lie, your more important to the father than that.

So, take it from me, when you have a chance grab hold of the lies and sit, talk to him and stake your claim that his truth will set you free.



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