He makes you aware, when your paying attention

My daughter had some news, I am not moved, just ready to fight.

So today I shared, what she had to say at prayer meeting. Anyone want to add, I stand for her, when she cannot.

So the words of how to get it, I moved into getting it done and moved it out. How inspiring, timing, action and belief.

He is going to show her, how he works and she will be as strong as her mother, because we are of the DNA of God the father, and Jesus the son.

YAHOO, happy dance time…


Getting even more excited

Since last week, people have noticed, my eyes are open, they see a brightness.

And I feel taller and lighter, the hunger for food that is not the best is gone. Before I would eat a box of ice creams and look for more in one go. I bought a box to see, took 5 days to get rid of it and I really had to push, not buying anymore.

I spoke to my daughter, I told her about my experience and I hoped it would inspire her.

Before I was in a washing machine, that kept washing the dark pile and I could not get onto spin and dry myself off.

I would wear track pants down the street because I didn’t care or used the excuse of my hernia that does not like tight pants, or about my appearance, hair, eye brows etc etc.

Since Monday, I feel so undressed, I want to hide, even at home. I now want to put on the nice things that are in my wardrobe, omg I am so looking forward to the warmer weather. I need money fast too get my hair done, etc etc.

I am excited more and more, oh Lord I am so very humbled and grateful for everything you do.

And you know I am all for whatever you need to do and need of me….

Get excited, and take another step

I love the Lord with all I am, why, he broke the hold over me.

We are told we have to surrender our lives to him, which I did, but there is another level.

I had a wall, I would get to a point and this dark over shadowing wall was impenetrable, until Monday.

This came to the surface, I knew I had something that seemed so impossible, but didn’t know how to get rid of it.

I had to willingly, TRUST.

The Lord looked at me with those beautiful eyes and such concern, I looked at him and said, “Just do it” with him beside me, I know I can do anything.

I made noises that I cannot repeat, I felt this thing loosen, tentacle by tentacle. It was dark, hungry and mean.

I was shaken from from toes through my calves, and it was taken out. I trusted those around me, God’s gorgeous red head and I knew I needed to show evidence of his power of LOVE.

Before, I was so scared of meeting my husband and screwing him up and our marriage etc.

Now, I wear a ring, when I put it on, I felt I was honouring my husband to come and showing that, I feel like I love him already. (Remember I had been married before had children to someone else and never loved anyone, I had a barrier of protection).

I am now free, trust the right time will come for you. Trust in the process, trust that you are worth it all.

God bless.