Getting even more excited

Since last week, people have noticed, my eyes are open, they see a brightness.

And I feel taller and lighter, the hunger for food that is not the best is gone. Before I would eat a box of ice creams and look for more in one go. I bought a box to see, took 5 days to get rid of it and I really had to push, not buying anymore.

I spoke to my daughter, I told her about my experience and I hoped it would inspire her.

Before I was in a washing machine, that kept washing the dark pile and I could not get onto spin and dry myself off.

I would wear track pants down the street because I didn’t care or used the excuse of my hernia that does not like tight pants, or about my appearance, hair, eye brows etc etc.

Since Monday, I feel so undressed, I want to hide, even at home. I now want to put on the nice things that are in my wardrobe, omg I am so looking forward to the warmer weather. I need money fast too get my hair done, etc etc.

I am excited more and more, oh Lord I am so very humbled and grateful for everything you do.

And you know I am all for whatever you need to do and need of me….


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