A prayer for you

My last Post for the year. Wow, never thought I would get this far. Yahoo

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus. That anyone who reads the words on this site (your site), be blessed. I pray that one hour of one day, you will let them feel, how I feel about you.

That for those who you love and are yet to know you, have an experience that will define their life forever more.

I pray for them, their family and please bless their time this season. The time where we celebrate the birth of your son, father bring this world into the knowing of you.

Let them know that everything is not done against them, but for them. To make them into the person you see. Let them know your love and let them find peace in their hearts.

If anyone needs healing, then I pray in the name of Jesus, what ever is coming against them, be removed now in your name. That you have all power and authority over every situation.

May God in all his mercy, bless each one of you.

Be blessed AMEN. Thank you father.

Remember to count all JOY. Turn any sorrow into dancing. And smack the devil out.

Talk again soon. xxxxx


Thank God for him

Last night, I left work and walked to the train. It had been raining, so I almost slipped over. I always see the funny side of things so a squeal of delight is always close to hand.

Next minute, I had this man walking next to me. He said to me, “I saw you almost slipped”. I said yes, ground started moving but I am fine, all good.

Then he says, “I couldn’t help but notice your quiet an attractive woman”. I have been on this earth long enough to know something was not quiet right. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to hear BUT. I have been married & divorced, had children and lived in sin, before I chose to live Gods way, I am not a stupid woman, when you listen to your instincts, you know when to keep moving.

Then he says, “I wondered if you would like to go for a coffee sometime” I thanked him for his conversation and kept walking, told him I appreciated what he said but, between Church and work, I am fine thank you. He said he was on his way to work, at that time of night where? Warning.

I have done things the worlds way, now its God’s way. I want God to bring me, the man I am meant to have, he knows what I want.

And the logical thinking pattern I have was, no makeup, bad hair day and the fact I looked like the Goodyear blimp. No, no, no, something was not right.

What I thank God for and I am so proud of my reaction, was instantly I wanted to know what God thought. When I walk, or where ever I am, I can feel him with me. I drive sometimes and feel alone so I ask his angels to fill up my car, laughter bursts out of me and it feels like we are trying for Guinness book of records.

I thank God for him, letting me know something was not right.

It pays to be wary, recently in Australia two women have disappeared and been murdered. I will not become a statistic, I am my fathers daughter and with that I have security.

When this man was next to me I felt nothing, no presence of God. That made the decision for me.

Remember, I have to be aware all the time that the devil knows I am waiting for a husband and will want to side track me, I will NOT let that happen.

My Father’s House

If I am asked what church I go too, everything in me wants to shout, I go too, my fathers house.

On Sunday a speaker we know was at another church, about 20 mins from where I live. So off we go, all people were very welcomed.

What struck me is he went on about when you say this is, your fathers house, then you are open, you cannot sin or swear. You have to live like you are in the fathers house. Awesome, that is exactly what I want.

I know if I don’t live his way and be subject to correction then I cannot advance into his kingdom. That is one part of growing up, to grow you have to be corrected, to move into maturity. Some lessons are hard and you have to honour your earthly parents, if you don’t, how can you honour God. You have to start at the beginning or that will come back to cause problems. I know that, I have to take each step with caution and be aware of all I have to learn.

extra: The lord just reminded me of when I first gave myself and was baptised (what a day) at the time. God had me going up the ladder, in spirit I saw a staircase to him. Every step was clear and when I accomplished that level, I took another step, what made me laugh is, it lite up and I would hear this ding like an elevator opening each step was vast and I knew I had to put the work in to advance. Once I ran up a few, that was fun, I walked around for days with a big grin on my face.

baptism: I remember where I worked I told a couple of people who asked what are you doing this weekend, with all honesty I said, getting baptised. One said why, have you not been christened, I said yes I have, then the question so why be baptized.

My answer to that was, when you are a baby your christened and this is your parents choice. Being baptized is mine, with full knowledge and with my whole heart.

events since: I had waited and waited then two others where also baptized the same day. What amazes me still, is they walked away, one is no longer with us, I have to say this, when you are the apple of his eye and someone decides to say bad things about you and attack you, do not do a thing. The father deals with them and I am sad to say this man attacked the fathers kids and died, why am I sharing this, he got throat cancer (really fast). He said, before he died he knew why this happened, he attacked by speaking bad things and he was wrong.

The blessing in that is he made peace before he went. I know where I am is so close to him, I have warned people around me, if you have a problem with me then lets talk about it. Do not go behind my back or think you can rip me off, I have scared people with this comment but as I said, I go to my fathers house. You mess with me, he is watching and he is very jealous of those he loves. I know this is true, it happens all the time, when things go wrong for them, I know they have done something and my father is not happy.

You should, fear the Lord, he made heaven and earth. If you have no fear, as his child then how can you be corrected or know the limits. Food for thought, now go work on your day, knowing your part of, the fathers house.

If you read this and make the decision, as I always say, when you lose everything you want, then you win because he gives you so much more, than you can imagine for yourself.

I Love being part of MY FATHERS HOUSE…………

Seriously, I should learn to shut up

Yesterday, I went online to view the news of the world. I get home after it goes to air on my television and by the time I have my dinner lately I have been falling asleep.

Back to the point, I saw a father who posted a video message to drink drivers. His daughter was an innocent victim and lay in a hospital bed.

So for the first time, I left a comment. What disgusted me is it became a chat session with a group of people who did not get the point.

I hear all the time people have veil over their eyes and ears. Which they do, I can see it and I even think a blind man could.

I explained how my eldest brother was killed by a repeat offender. They went on about how it’s always been the culture and why change it. Some even said to ban alcohol it was around before Adam one said, “He didn’t even have a clue”.

I sat their thinking, just because no one else has made the change why can’t you. Look outside the box, think the way HE would think, anyway, I had to leave one more message. I was so revolted.

My comment, a girls father thought of you, whom he does not know and asks that you just THINK what you are doing. Drinking leads to desolation and heart ache, arguments and fights. Please stop turning a simple message into something ugly.

They still didn’t get it, as I said, I should learn to shut up!

Another lesson learnt….

God has a precious heart

The other day I was getting the train, it was the first heat wave for the summer.

Trains were delayed even suspended, I could have got angry and threw a hissy fit but I chose not too. I stood on the platform and said out loud “I take authority in the name of Jesus, these trains will run and you will get me home”.

I was told by a man on the end of the platform, only one train would get me past the block, I got on that one, then got off again before it went in the wrong direction.

Anyway 2 trains later, I started thinking about the movie YOU’VE GOT MAIL remember the part where she discusses how a butterfly got on the train then off again.

I had thoughts with the Lord and 2 stops before I had to get off again, a butterfly entered my carriage. fluttered around me then settled upside down on the roof above me.

So when the train stopped and before I got off I helped it exit the train. He is always mindful of me which is so lovely.

Isn’t God precious, no way is that a fluke or coincidence. That is my father giving me a most beautiful moment between him and me.

If we take the time to just look at the small things he will take care of the rest.

The Lord is so Wonderful

You know lately all I can feel in my spirit is how wonderful the Lord is. I have this overwhelming love, that I cannot explain.

On Sunday we were singing and a song that really hit me, I was trying with all my heart to sing but this overwhelming jaw dropping intimacy came over me. I felt like I was so close to him, knowing his thoughts and feelings.

Tears were streaming down my face, what I loved in that moment is, I gave all of me to him. He is their watching everything we do, he see’s our heart, our thoughts and feelings. But above everything he loves us, not any sort of human love but beyond words.

Doesn’t your soul and spirit long for that, to give back as much as you can, to love him as he loves you. Yes we make mistakes, you cannot walk without crawling but their comes a time when you have to get off the milk and eat the meat, which means to mature in him.

Have an awesome day and remember you are one of the Kings kids. Smile and be happy.