God has a precious heart

The other day I was getting the train, it was the first heat wave for the summer.

Trains were delayed even suspended, I could have got angry and threw a hissy fit but I chose not too. I stood on the platform and said out loud “I take authority in the name of Jesus, these trains will run and you will get me home”.

I was told by a man on the end of the platform, only one train would get me past the block, I got on that one, then got off again before it went in the wrong direction.

Anyway 2 trains later, I started thinking about the movie YOU’VE GOT MAIL remember the part where she discusses how a butterfly got on the train then off again.

I had thoughts with the Lord and 2 stops before I had to get off again, a butterfly entered my carriage. fluttered around me then settled upside down on the roof above me.

So when the train stopped and before I got off I helped it exit the train. He is always mindful of me which is so lovely.

Isn’t God precious, no way is that a fluke or coincidence. That is my father giving me a most beautiful moment between him and me.

If we take the time to just look at the small things he will take care of the rest.


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