The Lord is so Wonderful

You know lately all I can feel in my spirit is how wonderful the Lord is. I have this overwhelming love, that I cannot explain.

On Sunday we were singing and a song that really hit me, I was trying with all my heart to sing but this overwhelming jaw dropping intimacy came over me. I felt like I was so close to him, knowing his thoughts and feelings.

Tears were streaming down my face, what I loved in that moment is, I gave all of me to him. He is their watching everything we do, he see’s our heart, our thoughts and feelings. But above everything he loves us, not any sort of human love but beyond words.

Doesn’t your soul and spirit long for that, to give back as much as you can, to love him as he loves you. Yes we make mistakes, you cannot walk without crawling but their comes a time when you have to get off the milk and eat the meat, which means to mature in him.

Have an awesome day and remember you are one of the Kings kids. Smile and be happy.



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