Have you ever seen a movie that made you feel sick

Months ago I started watching something, it was not from the very beginning and I did not pay a lot of attention to it.

Until someone called the girl Precious, it was a film with Maria Carey in it. You know the one.

Let me just say, in this century, why? oh why is it getting worse. Why is the world so twisted and bent. (I know the answer to that one)

The part where they showed her father having sex with her like it was ok. Her kids were also her siblings YUK YUK YUK.

IN WHAT SHAPE OR FORM IS IT OK, TO HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE YOUR RELATED TOO. That is sick, twisted and where is her protection or safety.

Just typing this I want to vomit again, I was told culture’s especially the men, are told it’s ok. And they wonder why the world looks down on them, well derrr.

Be a man of honour, in the Bible it says Jesus respected women highly, so why is it not so today, in the world.

WHAT, sorry where is the honour, respect and value for not only yourself, but the woman. I am gob smacked, a woman is treated so poorly by men at times. Some cultures even throw acid on women a girl or baby if she is female. Or discarded in a bin, sorry am I the only one who is revolted.

WHY, we clean up after you, not because we have too, but because it shows our love. We give birth to your children, with pain and suffering, can a man do that? We hold most families together with nurturing, love, compassion and sometimes even good cooking. We are the symbol of home, love and caring. We work hard and most times out live men.

Why I have just said what I did, is to shake up the system, if it pushes a button good. That means it needs a clean out, same goes for me, I am not immune to needing a clean out at times.

One thing men do not seem to get is, if you abuse your wife your kids are watching, what you do negatively will impact not only their life but generations after. But if you choose positive you can only create something wonderful, if you do it his way, your children will be an honour unto you. People will rate you highly and you will not only impact those close to you but others as well.

You have the power to make a change, you have power to show a woman or even a man honour and respect. I can only talk from a women’s point of view.

Example: When I heard my father died, I laughed, I went outside rode my bike and shouted joy, my son was about 18 months old he was on the back of the bike. Why, because he could never come after me or hurt me again. I had watched him abuse my mother physically and mentally (this included rape). I am not going to sugar coat it.

Once I tried to pull him off her and I woke up falling to the floor down the wall from the other side of the room. He was a bully to a woman but a coward and he died alone.

Be a man of honour, it is never to late. Be someone who is honoured, don’t let the past dictate your future and it start’s today.


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