Have you ever seen a movie that made you feel sick

Months ago I started watching something, it was not from the very beginning and I did not pay a lot of attention to it.

Until someone called the girl Precious, it was a film with Maria Carey in it. You know the one.

Let me just say, in this century, why? oh why is it getting worse. Why is the world so twisted and bent. (I know the answer to that one)

The part where they showed her father having sex with her like it was ok. Her kids were also her siblings YUK YUK YUK.

IN WHAT SHAPE OR FORM IS IT OK, TO HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE YOUR RELATED TOO. That is sick, twisted and where is her protection or safety.

Just typing this I want to vomit again, I was told culture’s especially the men, are told it’s ok. And they wonder why the world looks down on them, well derrr.

Be a man of honour, in the Bible it says Jesus respected women highly, so why is it not so today, in the world.

WHAT, sorry where is the honour, respect and value for not only yourself, but the woman. I am gob smacked, a woman is treated so poorly by men at times. Some cultures even throw acid on women a girl or baby if she is female. Or discarded in a bin, sorry am I the only one who is revolted.

WHY, we clean up after you, not because we have too, but because it shows our love. We give birth to your children, with pain and suffering, can a man do that? We hold most families together with nurturing, love, compassion and sometimes even good cooking. We are the symbol of home, love and caring. We work hard and most times out live men.

Why I have just said what I did, is to shake up the system, if it pushes a button good. That means it needs a clean out, same goes for me, I am not immune to needing a clean out at times.

One thing men do not seem to get is, if you abuse your wife your kids are watching, what you do negatively will impact not only their life but generations after. But if you choose positive you can only create something wonderful, if you do it his way, your children will be an honour unto you. People will rate you highly and you will not only impact those close to you but others as well.

You have the power to make a change, you have power to show a woman or even a man honour and respect. I can only talk from a women’s point of view.

Example: When I heard my father died, I laughed, I went outside rode my bike and shouted joy, my son was about 18 months old he was on the back of the bike. Why, because he could never come after me or hurt me again. I had watched him abuse my mother physically and mentally (this included rape). I am not going to sugar coat it.

Once I tried to pull him off her and I woke up falling to the floor down the wall from the other side of the room. He was a bully to a woman but a coward and he died alone.

Be a man of honour, it is never to late. Be someone who is honoured, don’t let the past dictate your future and it start’s today.


Do we listen?

I recently listened to a tape I had at home in the drawer, it had messages on it to me from God, prophecies in other words.

I listened and what struck me most was the lines,

Mourning shall go away and joy will come forth, Lord touch her and let her know right down in her wounds of her heart, that you love her Lord and that love will be a contact point that love will be a key. I command a blessing upon her and her hands and her lips shall dance for you, she will learn a new voice and this voice will be a key it will be a contact point, she will speak upon the storms she faces.

Then it went on to say,

God said you will no longer count the pennies you will count the abundance, count the blessings that he has for you and you won’t compare yourself to others you will know that what you are, the Lord says that you are his child, and when you give yourself to Lord, the plan he has for you, you will jump for joy and have joy unspeakable.

What touched me most, people would jump on the word abundance, not me, I cried because of the fact that he said that I AM HIS CHILD.
I really feel like I am the daughter of the King of Kings, that is so beyond words to me.

I have faced some battles in life that would make people turn to drugs or alcohol, but I made the decision long ago, that I would not let the ‘as my mother use to say’ (bastards win).

To me it does not matter what has happened, but what I have learned from it, that has made me a better person. I can honestly say, I can talk to anyone about anything and understand, how they feel.

Remember this, the bully always looses and I CHOOSE to win. One thing I was told once, is that you may hear me, but are you listening.

Listen for the keys in the message and take the positive and use it to be a mighty person of God.

God has keys everywhere and in everything, LISTEN.

How blessed am I

You know we are taught to want, want, want in life. As we grow up we always want something better, or what our friends have, because that is what were suppose to do. Or have the ultimate a bank account that is never ending or to live in a mansion.


What do they have that I don’t, think about it.

I have a roof over my head, which I am blessed to have so I take pride in my little home. I love it just as if it were my own. I have cloths on my back that are respectable to my father, if today I had to stand before him. I have food in my stomach and food in my home. I have working appliances to wash my cloths to keep my food cold and to watch the news and my bills are paid on time. I have my needs met.

My most valuable possession, is the love I have for my father & his for me.

I keep hearing things like Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire, well I have to say her money does not come close, to the value of what I have with my father, JESUS.

She has no privacy, she cannot walk out her door and be free, she is trapped, confined. Her money has brought her chains and binds.

Doesn’t sound the best thing does it, she cannot take anyone at face value, her guard must always be up. God bless her, she seems a very good woman but I am not going to act like I know her personally, because I don’t.

We have a song we sing and some of it goes, I wouldn’t trade you for silver or gold, I wouldn’t trade you for riches untold, you mean more than this world to me.

Again I say, how blessed am I, I have the ultimate thing, pure LOVE

Maybe is not against you but for you

Recently I had to seek medical advice, turns out I have tennis elbow.

Most people in the world would say, oh poor me you know the rest. But me, I went to the doctor for something else, I think it’s funny so had to go through the drill of filling out work cover, going to physiotherapy and lucky me, I can’t take anti inflamitories.

So here I am week 3 I think, I have to admit the pain has been to the point of me wanting to naw off my arm to relieve the pain and I will only take a certain amount of pain killers before I call it quits (normally 6 in total). I did all the right things like ice every hour, made sure I did not use that arm for anything. Well it was swollen to the point of just trying to pick up a paper clip was impossible, but I kept on working.

As you get to know me you will realize, I am an extremely determined woman. When I get it in my head, I will push and push until I get break through.

On Sunday my beautiful Pastors wife who is also a Pastor stood next to me chatting all of a sudden she said, “Bronie your arm, it’s really swollen”. Had to agree, no use denying the fact, so she said well we can’t have that, so she placed her hand on my arm and said, “Lord we take authority, devil you get your hand off, this swelling is going down, now in Jesus name”. I said amen another woman agreed and remember when 2 or more agree Jesus has to act, there is no if but’s or maybe’s. I squeezed my hand a couple of times to get some sort of feeling and said to myself, DONE.

Well about 2 hrs later what do you think happened, I had someone say to me, your arm is back to normal. I was unaware, but an instant hallelujah came to mind, I didn’t doubt my father for a moment. You see it wasn’t my Pastor, it was her willingness to act on his behalf, he was the one who did the work. I went to the physiotherapy Monday and he said how is your arm, I said fabulous, he looked puzzled, I told him what happened and I even said to him I don’t care if you don’t believe me (I will not hide my father’s work from anyone). Once he had finished he said to me, I can’t believe you’re so far along for a tennis elbow, take that devil, that was witness to him and the beauty is he doesn’t even know it.

You know if you think the way I did yesterday as I was making my way home, maybe he clipped my wing because I needed it. Then I started to think what had I done wrong, what did I need to change.

So maybe this didn’t happen to me, but happened for me…

Be blessed

My spirit feels sick….

A conversation that I was sitting in on today, has made my spirit man, feel sick.

This will be short.

A high percentage of business people must think, because they work long hours, they have a right to let their hair down.

I mean go out and have sex with whom ever they please, but you must still respect them, because they wear a suite. I have found they are the worst offenders, especially their attitude to women. But heaven forbid anyone point it out.

Sorry but if it looks like a duck and quacks like one, then it’s still a duck. I don’t care if it wears a suite, it won’t be earning any respect from me.

An honourable man, is a respectable man. One who takes his vows seriously and upholds himself in high regard.

What the….

Yesterday was 31st October 2012 what event happened last night. Am I the only one having a, OMG moment.

Why is it we think showing children, that to knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets is ok.

Then why do we teach them to be aware of strangers. Around the corner from where I live, a few years ago there was an uproar because a pedophile was living a block away from a primary school (which is dangerous). But do you know who is living next door, are you aware of what they are doing when no one is looking. And how do we have the right to cause an uproar, “when we without sin can cast the first stone”.

Someone I have known in my life, is a pedophile and I know it’s a familiar spirit that causes great mental sickness. They do not see the wrong, and will go out of their way to prove you’re in the wrong, not them. They will cause great distress and leave a path of destruction without guilt or remorse (sound familiar).

Sorry but it’s wrong, again we are saying the scary stuff is ok, even fun and a bit of a laugh. But my sign on the door said, NO HALLOWEEN HERE ONLY JESUS, which was a joke to everyone. It’s the truth he was their, I felt so sad for these kids they have no hope. Bible bashers, Christian’s you know the drill, they scorn you without any understanding.

The Devil had a field day and 95% of people, including children, I would say were oblivious to what their actions did in the heavenly’s. But when things go wrong they ask why, well derrrrr…..

The world has made so many blind, I could feel the cry of my father’s heart last night and I still feel it today.

Again,what the…