How blessed am I

You know we are taught to want, want, want in life. As we grow up we always want something better, or what our friends have, because that is what were suppose to do. Or have the ultimate a bank account that is never ending or to live in a mansion.


What do they have that I don’t, think about it.

I have a roof over my head, which I am blessed to have so I take pride in my little home. I love it just as if it were my own. I have cloths on my back that are respectable to my father, if today I had to stand before him. I have food in my stomach and food in my home. I have working appliances to wash my cloths to keep my food cold and to watch the news and my bills are paid on time. I have my needs met.

My most valuable possession, is the love I have for my father & his for me.

I keep hearing things like Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire, well I have to say her money does not come close, to the value of what I have with my father, JESUS.

She has no privacy, she cannot walk out her door and be free, she is trapped, confined. Her money has brought her chains and binds.

Doesn’t sound the best thing does it, she cannot take anyone at face value, her guard must always be up. God bless her, she seems a very good woman but I am not going to act like I know her personally, because I don’t.

We have a song we sing and some of it goes, I wouldn’t trade you for silver or gold, I wouldn’t trade you for riches untold, you mean more than this world to me.

Again I say, how blessed am I, I have the ultimate thing, pure LOVE


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