Do we listen?

I recently listened to a tape I had at home in the drawer, it had messages on it to me from God, prophecies in other words.

I listened and what struck me most was the lines,

Mourning shall go away and joy will come forth, Lord touch her and let her know right down in her wounds of her heart, that you love her Lord and that love will be a contact point that love will be a key. I command a blessing upon her and her hands and her lips shall dance for you, she will learn a new voice and this voice will be a key it will be a contact point, she will speak upon the storms she faces.

Then it went on to say,

God said you will no longer count the pennies you will count the abundance, count the blessings that he has for you and you won’t compare yourself to others you will know that what you are, the Lord says that you are his child, and when you give yourself to Lord, the plan he has for you, you will jump for joy and have joy unspeakable.

What touched me most, people would jump on the word abundance, not me, I cried because of the fact that he said that I AM HIS CHILD.
I really feel like I am the daughter of the King of Kings, that is so beyond words to me.

I have faced some battles in life that would make people turn to drugs or alcohol, but I made the decision long ago, that I would not let the ‘as my mother use to say’ (bastards win).

To me it does not matter what has happened, but what I have learned from it, that has made me a better person. I can honestly say, I can talk to anyone about anything and understand, how they feel.

Remember this, the bully always looses and I CHOOSE to win. One thing I was told once, is that you may hear me, but are you listening.

Listen for the keys in the message and take the positive and use it to be a mighty person of God.

God has keys everywhere and in everything, LISTEN.


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