God is working

Today at prayer it was evident, people who have turned are going to hear his call.

He is about to get on their case and they will not find peace until they acknowledge him.

Our meetings at present are in various homes, we change every week and we are finding it more powerful even personal.

God is making a path, for those that have left or want to come. To feel at ease, to be able to walk in and make time for him, peace will then be yours.

He has been changing our hearts especially mine, I personally couldnt figure out why those people had left. But I could see that they were blinded, they seemed so smart to me, why couldnt they see what I saw. But each in there own time, we cannot rush the season of God.

I have been one too quick to give my opinion in the past but that has changed, thank the lord, my mother put that in me which is not something I admired about myself.

But things are subject to change.


Going home today

Hallelujah, I am on my way home in  a while.

Back to civilization, I can’t get over the dust it gets in everywhere. I will be washing everything, I realise I have been what I call citified. I don’t like dirt or bugs, but I have slept in a caravan for the first time ever.

I did try camping long ago and it’s not for me, I can’t do without plumbing. Oh well, least I gave it a go, like football as I live 45mins from the city of Melbourne and I don’t like football the fanatics class me as un Australian. Haha but they have idols, I don’t that’s the difference.

I keep see I g the lord in things through my life and for that, I am grateful.

cya next time and be happy and be blessed

Little things

Ages ago I bought a new journal an yes it’s green lol.

I love that it had sayings or quotes on certain pages, like the cover ‘a simple life is a full life’

and this goes for yesterday, resolve to see the world on the sunny side, and you have almost won the battle of life at the outset.

Another is, when we take time to notice the simple things in life, we never lack for encouragement, we discover we are surrounded by limitless hope that’s just wearing everyday cloths. And, I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life, he gave me life that I might enjoy all things…

sometimes it takes you to appreciate the. Little things begpfore God gave give you more, we sometimes expect far too much when we have yet to show we are worthy.

Be content in that which I have given unto you, for tomorrow may bring more than you hoped for. For I have heard your prayers and seen your tears and know I am here. For I am about to send the rain in your life, get ready for you have withstood the tests I have given you with humbleness and quietness. So beloved know that I am here for you ready for you to take what I had planned for you before you were I your mothers womb.

Pooh that last bit was the lord speaking through me giving me a word, know I am excited.

See what happens when you trust his ways and not those you have been taught to do, I believe we all have it in us. It’s up to you, how you take your journey. You can either take the wide road that leads to destruction or the narrow. I know what I choose.

I don’t know if I ever told you, but my eldest brother was killed, mum use to take us to his grave and even back then she would say to me, come through this gate it’s easy. I use too always pick this funny gate that was narrow and like a maze. Maybe the lord had me even back then food for thought.

How beautiful is love…

sometimes as a woman you and waiting for the Lord to bring your husband you need a little kindness.

So the lord lead me to the songs of Solomon c1 v8 it’s really special how he calls you his beloved. What got me is my favourite colour is green, which it says that our bed is green. I have been srearching for a green quilt cover, I gave the one I had to my son.

I don’t like bright greens but muted with a touch of blue, like the old HG Holden kings wood my mum use to have.

Love and getting to really know people is a precious thing, I am so glad I didn’t wait but got close to my mum  for she did have traits I didn’t like but I knew why they were there  to understand and go outside of yourself is what I believe we all need to do

for love is a beautiful thing, Jesus loved us enough to die for us. God loved us enough to give his son, so why not love beyond your limits there is always more to behold

be blessed

This proves I am only human

i really needed to push in yesterday, to find the sanctuary f God.

Why, my son hadn’t fully unpacked but what I heard was, bring over the 30 boxes and you can unpack. Not what he meant, to only unpack the kitchen things.

So he spoke to me not very nice and cracked it, to put it plainly.

The old me wanted to run away, because I was hurt and yes even cried. But the newme thought hang on, don’t let the devil in him get away with it.

So I walked down the very long dirt drive retrieved the bin, he came to me we discussed it. I gently told him that his tone can really hurt, that I was sorry for the miss understanding and said that’s it finished.

I didn’t yell or throw a wobbly like the old me would have, I thought that Jesus was gentle so too would I be.

So so this proves how human I am, I believe that this dark thing over him through those dark games is going to be removed.

But I am not going to be the bad guy here, I will let the love of the Lord shine through.

Update on my boy

Last night he was moved out of Ccu and into the surgical ward, they are amazed with his progress. Yahoo

So my heart to you who prayed thank you so very much, I am sitting here waiting for the call to go get him.

Isnt God good, so many were praying for him and I know beyond a shadow of doubt it’s because of those prayers.

I shouldn’t call him a boy at 183cm tall, he ain’t little. But a mum always will see her kids as Cubs to be protected.

I read what I post sometimes and shed a tear because I wish that those I love would read this and really know my heart. I try so hard to be a good person as my fathers daughter, to be kind and funny. For I need to change the familiar

But I feel that it’s not noted, but sitting here with the lord it helps for I know it’s a lie so I must push and keep going. For I won’t stop being me, yes lord thank you

just been reminded I was born extrodinary, someday those will see. Big breath feel better now.

god bless

just got the call going to get him

Need or want?

Yes I am back to that again.

I need to be on Gods agenda, I need to understand my purpose.

I want to own my little home and work in a job that I love, with people who show honour and respect.

Now I know these days that may be a hard ask but my father knows, he already has it for me. I don’t need to stress, all I need to do is trust.

So I get up get moving and make today count, for we don’t know what can happen tomorrow. Nothing can happen to you, that shouldn’t be.

What do I mean by that, if you are doing something wrong or ungrateful then it will catch up with you. And when you whine and say, why is this happening. Do a recall of memory, I urge you to be kind, thoughtful and have empathy for someone today.

Dont do something expecting a return in the natural, just do it with integrity and honour.

If your parents are alive then honour them, yes you may not see eye to eye. But what I always go back to is my relationship with mine, I can only remember my mother saying once she loved me just before she died, she didn’t hug or show affection.

But I didn’t let that stop me showing her that I loved her and I even thanked her for what she had done. What we forget in our growing, is not to hold onto un forgiveness, through much hurt she produced a wall. But with love I was able to make a hole, don’t look at the now, use history to understand a person more.

It just might pay dividends.

We had a visitor last night

It was really late (2am) and I couldn’t sleep, so I lay there for a while. I heard a car with no lights drive up wait a few turn and leave.

Now most would freak (especially sleeping in a caravan) , I checked to make sure there was no one around and making sure the cars were there.

I just took it as the devil was trying to scare me, but my trust in the father I knew I would be fine.

No I haven’t lost my mind, only because of the miracles and things he has done for me, do I trust him. Accepting what is real, we are taught that if we don’t have tangable evidence then it doesn’t exist.

But his word says to pray, for you know not what you are praying. In the heavens it must be done by spirit before it happens on earth.

So I go by that, for his word does not lie. My thinking is that of a knowing that what I keep doing is building in the spirit. He will not fail me or forsake me, it’s been done in the heavens and as he said to me as a child.

I will always look after you.

Finally, let him

Let him heal you, renew you.

Do not think of yourselfs better than the other. Do what he asks of you, for the glory is there for the taking.

Narrow is the road that leads to life, if you fail a test. Then do something about it, we sometimes go off And sulk, as my mother would say, get over yourself and grow a pair (balls that is).

I want him to heal my land, I am willing to cultivate, to rid myself of the weeds. To prepare the soil, so the seeds can grow and God can send the rain, for the harvest is mine for the taking and I WILL TAKE WHAT IS MINE.

god bless

We don’t know how close the last days are…

The generation today will hold the keys for those who are to come in. Come into what, the protection of the spirit for if anyone means you harm, God will take your spirit and you will not feel a thing.

Sounds good old to me and I don’t want to chance anything else. Proverbs 6 v6-11 sometimes we are not in tune with God because we had turned his volume down.

When we do the will of the father we will see not only us chane but the church, for we are the church because Christ lives within us as his vessels. God is coming to shape the nations, people are being called home, strategicly placed for when Jesus comes back.

The key ingredient is to serve, faith comes by hearing faith that comes from God. And you may not see the rain but in the spirit you can feel it. God old wants to send you the rain, how badly do you want it?

Look at 1 kings v41-44 he was told to go back up the mountain 6 times he came back and said, there is nothing. But he was dutiful that when he was told to go up again he said, there is a cloud as small as a fist.

I have to be honest, I probably would have said, no way went there once and saw nothing. The. I would have given cheek and said if you want to know them you go. Big mistake, be a good steward and go even if it takes 7 times or more. Never give up becUse the father never will.