Update on my boy

Last night he was moved out of Ccu and into the surgical ward, they are amazed with his progress. Yahoo

So my heart to you who prayed thank you so very much, I am sitting here waiting for the call to go get him.

Isnt God good, so many were praying for him and I know beyond a shadow of doubt it’s because of those prayers.

I shouldn’t call him a boy at 183cm tall, he ain’t little. But a mum always will see her kids as Cubs to be protected.

I read what I post sometimes and shed a tear because I wish that those I love would read this and really know my heart. I try so hard to be a good person as my fathers daughter, to be kind and funny. For I need to change the familiar

But I feel that it’s not noted, but sitting here with the lord it helps for I know it’s a lie so I must push and keep going. For I won’t stop being me, yes lord thank you

just been reminded I was born extrodinary, someday those will see. Big breath feel better now.

god bless

just got the call going to get him


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