This proves I am only human

i really needed to push in yesterday, to find the sanctuary f God.

Why, my son hadn’t fully unpacked but what I heard was, bring over the 30 boxes and you can unpack. Not what he meant, to only unpack the kitchen things.

So he spoke to me not very nice and cracked it, to put it plainly.

The old me wanted to run away, because I was hurt and yes even cried. But the newme thought hang on, don’t let the devil in him get away with it.

So I walked down the very long dirt drive retrieved the bin, he came to me we discussed it. I gently told him that his tone can really hurt, that I was sorry for the miss understanding and said that’s it finished.

I didn’t yell or throw a wobbly like the old me would have, I thought that Jesus was gentle so too would I be.

So so this proves how human I am, I believe that this dark thing over him through those dark games is going to be removed.

But I am not going to be the bad guy here, I will let the love of the Lord shine through.


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